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Isabel Bishop, 1902-1988, At the Noon Hour, c. 1936; essay by Gloria Russell (12/28/01)

Virtues, Vices, Vanities: Paintings by Jean Roberts Guequierre; with essay by Nathan Guequierre (11/1/01)

Alice Neel (1900-1984) at the Denver Art Museum (9/27/01)

Capitol Portraits; selected wall text, including biographies of artists in the exhibition (8/8/01)

Marguerite S. Pearson (1898-1978) by Patricia Jobe Pierce

Margaret Lazzari, Embodied States, A Survey of Work: 1988-2000 (2/23/01)

Comments On Five Masters: Contemporary Prints from the Jordan D. Schnitzer Collection (1/30/01)

John Wissemann: Japanese Transformations (1/16/01)

Henry Casselli: Master of the American Watercolor (1/16/01)

Transcending Vision: A Retrospective of the Works of American Realist Painter R.H. Ives Gammell (1/30/01)


Alice Neel at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (12/18/00)

Star-Spangled Presidents: Portraits by Liza Lou (12/4/00)

Whitfield Lovell: Portrayals (11/17/00)

Encounters: Jere Allen (11/15/00)

The Human Factor: Figuration in American Art, 1950 - 1995 (10/24/00)

Speak Softly and Carry a Beagle: The Art of Charles Schulz (10/24/00)

Leonard Baskin: Monumental Prints (10/19/00)

Works by Warhol from the Cochran Collection (10/12/00)

Surreal Anatomies: Works on Paper by Hans BelImer and Dorothea Tanning (10/11/00)

Anita Philyaw and Susan E. Heiderer (9/24/00)

Heads Up (9/23/00)

Illustrating the American Ideal, 1898-1950 (9/20/00)

Philip Guston: A New Alphabet (9/13/00)

Oliphant in Santa Fe: Political Drawings, Caricature, and Sculpture (9/5/00)

Romare Bearden in Black-and-White: Photomontage Projections, 1964 (8/29/00)

The Life of Butterflies (8/27/00)

The Joy of the Quick Sketch (8/26/00)

Revelations: Selected work by Eleanor Dickinson (8/25/00)

Complementary Portrait Shows at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (8/23/00)

The Human Presence: Figurative Art from the Permanent Collection (8/22/00)

Recent Paintings By Terry Rodgers (8/16/00)

Face-to-Face: 20th Century Portraits (8/15/00)

Winold Reiss: Native American Portraits (7/18/00)

The Art of Alice Neel (6/23/00)

Amazons in the Drawing Room: The Art of Romaine Brooks (6/13/00)

James Valerio: Drawings (5/8/00)

Hayes Friedman: The Inviolate Figure (4/19/00)

Triumph of the Human Spirit: Contemporary Prints from the Jordan D. Schnitzer Collection at Maryhill Museum (3/20/00)

Nathan Goldstein at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley College (3/18/00)

Figure as Inspiration: Paintings and Drawings From The Boca Raton Museum's Collection (4/18/00)

Leon Kroll: Figuratively Speaking (3/18/00)

About Face: Andy Warhol Portraits (3/16/00)

Chuck Close at The Harwood Museum (3/8/00)

Andy Warhol: Cowboys and Indians (3/2/00)

The Human Factor: Figuration in American Art (2/27/00)

Witness to the 20th Century: An Artistic Biography of Fritz Eichenberg (1901-1990) (2/23/00)

Love Struggle: Paintings by John Gwinn (2/23/00)

Artists Image the Crone: Archetypes of Womanly Wisdom (2/22/00)

The Nude 2000 (1/15/00)

Jacob Lawrence and Expressions of Freedom (1/2/00)


J.S.G. Boggs Regarding George Washington: The Transactional Image (12/21/99)

Mystery/Ambiguity/Narrative: The Paintings of Kathryn Myers (12/20/99)

Tim Lowly: painting (this world and the next) (12/18/99)

Chuck Close's "Linda" Returns to the Akron Art Museum (11/17/99)

Susan Hauptman (11/1/99)

Ruth Weisberg: Canto V: A Whirlwind of Lovers (10/23/99)

Margaret Lefranc (1907-1998) (10/7/99)

The Self, Absorbed (9/13/99)

Fairy Tales: Portrait Paintings by Elena Sisto (9/8/99)

Intaglio Prints by Mauricio Lasansky (9/2/99)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Acquires Chuck Close and Other Works (6/21/99)


Bernhard Gutmann (8/20/98)

Chuck Close (10/28/98)

Faces of Time: 75 Years of Time Magazine Cover Portraits (8/3/98)


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