Thacher Gallery at University of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA



Revelations: Selected work by Eleanor Dickinson


"Revelations: Selected work by Eleanor Dickinson" will open this season's line up of exhibitions at the University of San Francisco's Thacher Gallery located in the Gleeson Library/Geschke Center from August 21, 2000 to October 15, 2000. A public reception with the artist will be held at the gallery on September 13 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public. (right: Sarah and Son)

"Revelations" brings together three of Dickinson's well-known series: "Revival!," "Mark of the Beast," and "Crucifixions." Her drawings in the earlier "Revival!" and "Mark of the Beast" series explore the revivalist culture and beliefs of the Appalachian region. "Crucifixions," a recent series of pastel portraits on black velvet, uses the biblical metaphor of the cross to examine the burdens that people carry through life. With her subjects as collaborators, the models told their stories of suffering to the artist as they were drawn. Through an extreme foreshortened perspective, Dickinson places the viewer "at the foot of the cross" of these every day people. (left: Crucifixion of Michael, 1990, USF Permanent Collection)

Dickinson is acknowledged as one of the country's strongest figure drawing artists. Her work allows her to be both artist and social historian revealing religious experience along side human experience. Her drawings have exhibited nationally, with a recent solo exhibition at the Tennessee State Museum; she has received dozens of awards, including the 1995 "President's Award" from the National Women's Caucus for Art. She is a painting-drawing professor at the California College of Arts and Crafts. (left: Crucifixion of Eleanor; right: Mark of the Beast)

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