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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:


Retrospective: William M. Hoffman, Jr. (8/7/14)
Collecting for the Boston Athenæum in the 21st Century: Paintings and Sculpture (8/21/13)
WEATHERBOUND: The Art of Jay Hall Connaway In Our Time; essay by Ruth Greene-McNally (3/7/13)


Jay Connaway and the Landscape of New England (11/27/09)
Things, Thoughts & Imagination: Visual Journeys of Soul Mates (7/23/09)
Elizabeth Enders: Landscape/Language/Line (3/27/09)
Unique Force: The Art of Carolyn Wyeth (3/11/09)


The Art of Vermont; article by Mickey Myers (8/28/08)
Valley of Work: Scenes of Industry in Western Pennsylvania; text by Judith Hansen O'Toole (8/25/08)
Treasures from the Westmoreland Museum; text by Judith Hansen O'Toole & Carla S. Herling (8/25/08)
Richard Grosvenor: Newport's Muse and Mentor (7/31/08)
Warm Winds: Connecticut Artists in the Tropics (7/23/08)
A History of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1805-1976; essay by Frank H. Goodyear Jr (7/16/08)
Russell Cheney - A New England Master: Northern New England Paintings 1910-45 (6/24/08)
A Retrospective for Frank Milby (5/23/08)


Jeff Weaver: Gloucester Paintings and Drawings (12/17/07)
Lines of Discovery: American Drawings (12/3/07)
Robert Henri & His Circle: The Allure of the Maine Coast; article by Jessica Nicoll (12/1/07)
A Legacy From Maine: The Elizabeth B. Noyce Collection; article by Jessica Nicoll (12/1/07)
Chuck Olson: Visual Histories (11/15/07)
The Artist at Work: The Paintings of Charles Burdick (11/7/07)
Quite a Big Diehl (8/1/07)
Expression and Meaning: The Marine Paintings of John Marin; essay by Sam Hunter, with Preface by Timothy A. Eaton (7/10/07)
A Legacy of Beauty: Paintings in the Boston School Tradition; essay by Christopher Volpe (5/9/07)
The Collection of Josephine Young McKenna (3/28/07)
Edmund Yaghjian: A Retrospective (3/23/07)
Acquired Tastes: 200 Years of Collecting for the Boston Athenaeum (3/15/07)
Artists of the Commonwealth: Realism and Its Response in Pennsylvania Painting, 1900-1950 (1/3/07)


Margaret J. Patterson: Master of Color and Light, with article "Margaret Patterson: Master of Color and Design" by Cindy Nickerson (11/28/06)
Charles Burchfield Center 40th Anniversary Exhibition (10/30/06)
Artists of the Commonwealth: Realism and its Response in Pennsylvania Painting, 1900-1950; essay by Betsy Fahlman (8/25/06)
Heavy Machinery, Weber Grills and Dainty Things: New Works by Edith Vonnegut (6/21/06)
focus: Maureen Gallace (6/5/06)
Seen in Solitude: Robert Kipniss Prints from the James F. White Collection and Recent Paintings by Robert Kipniss (5/4/06)
Chas Fagan: Sketching a Path (4/25/06)
Past Perfect: The Landscapes of Thomas B. Higham (4/19/06)
Charles Sheeler in Doylestown: American Modernism and the Pennsylvania Tradition; essays by Karen Lucic (3/14/06)
Artists of the Commonwealth: Realism and Its Response in Pennsylvania Painting, 1900-1950 (3/8/06)
Charles Sheeler in Doylestown; article by Karen Lucic (2/22/06)
Infamous New York: Bosses, Burlesque & Mayhem; essay by Constance Schwartz (2/16/06)
Reginald Marsh; essay by Franklin Hill Perrell (2/16/06)
Painting Summer in New England (2/2/06)
Reginald Marsh (1/5/06)

2004- 2005

Traditions from the Permanent Collection: Geissbuhler, Gonzalez, Florsheim and Jackson (7/27/05)
James Britton: Connecticut Artist; essay by Nancy Stula (8/15/05)
Treasures From the Towns (3/10/05)
An Eye for Maine: Paintings from a Private Collection; essay by Donelson Hooopes (11/30/04)
Envisioning New England: Treasures from Community Art Museums (11/29/04)
Artists of Cape Ann: A 150 Year Tradition; essay by Kristian Davies
Artists of Cape Ann: A 150 Year Tradition; by Kristian Davies (8/23/04)
A. T. Hibbard, N.A.; essay by Thomas Davies (8/13/04)
Painting Maine: Connie Hayes and the Borrowed View (7/12/04)
Rhythms of Land and Sea: New Paintings by Anne Boucher (7/2/04)
Envisioning New England: Treasures from Community Art Museums (6/29/04)
Envisioning New England: Treasures from Community Art Museums (6/14/04)
Charles Ward (1900 ­ 1962) Returns to Bucks County (5/28/04)
Edward Hopper's Rockland (5/17/04)
Regional Artists from the Permanent Collection of the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (3/11/04)
Twilight and Starlight (2/23/04)
Conversion to Modernism: The Early Work of Man Ray (1/31/04)
N. C. Wyeth's Christmas in Old Virginia (1/30/04)
Retrospective Exhibition of the Paintings of Ben L. Summerford (1/30/04)
Collected Visions: African American Self-Taught Artists from the Southeastern United States (1/28/04)
Earth, River, and Light: Masterworks of Pennsylvania Impressionism (1/21/04)
The Art of John Dos Passos (1/19/04)

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(above: Late Summer in Deerfield, MA, 2013. Photo by John Hazeltine)


From other websites:

Flora/Fauna: The Naturalist Impulse in American Art is a 2017 exhibit at the Florence Griswold Museum which says: "Drawn extensively from the Museum's collection, as well as many public and private lenders, the 101 works in Flora/Fauna survey the history of environmentally-conscious artists in the United States from the dawn of the 19th century through the mid-20th century." Also see 6/20/17 article in Antiques and The Arts Weekly  Accessed 8/17

Pastoral Vermont: The Paintings and Etchings of Luigi Lucioni, an exhibit held May 21-August 9, 2009 at the Middlebury College Museum of Art. Includes 10 audio files. Accessed February, 2015.


DVD/VHS videos:

Hudson River and its Painters, The is a 57 minute 1988 video from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Series released by Home Vision Entertainment. The mid-nineteenth century saw the growth of America's first native school of landscape painters, artists inspired by the compelling beauty of the Hudson River Valley, who portrayed this and other romantic wilderness areas with an almost mystical reverence. This 57 minute video explores the life and work of the major artists of what came to be known as the Hudson River School -- Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt, John Kensett, Jasper Cropsey, Worthington Whittredge, Sanford Gifford, and George Inness. Although its members traveled widely, the growth and development of the school were centered around New York City, and its success reflected the ambitions of the youthful American nation. It presents more than 200 paintings, prints and photographs of the period and juxtaposes them with dramatic location photography of the Hudson River area. The Hudson Company in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hudson River and its Painters, The is available through the Sullivan Video Library at The Speed Art Museum which holds a sizable collection of art-related videos available to educators at no charge.
Plein Air: Painting the American Landscape episodes take the viewer on a journey, from Cape Cod, where the Atlantic meets the land, to the peak of Denali, the "Great One," North America's tallest mountain. Other episodes feature the Tongass Rain Forest; Seward, Alaska; Taos, New Mexico; Trinidad, Colorado; and central Michigan.
Plein air artists featured in the series include Matt Smith of Scottsdale, Arizona; Kenn Backhaus of Robesonia, Pennsylvania; Jean LeGassick of Silver City, Nevada; Connecticut artist Charles Sovek; Utah artist Ron Rencher; and Frank LaLumia of Trinidad, Colorado. Episodes features one or two of the contemporary plein air painters and examine their technique plus history of the plein air genre. Plein Air: Painting the American Landscape appeals to art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike and helps viewers to understand America's own naturalist art form.
For more than a century, a unique group of American artists ventured out of their studios to capture the essence of the American landscape. Some learned their craft from the French Impressionists, others through trial and error. What unites them is their dedication to the interplay of land, water and sky, and the study of how light, shadow and color form the varied and rich masks of the natural world.
This six-part series premiered in August 2007 on PBS and was presented in high definition. Underwriters for the series are Rasmuson Foundation and Joan Irvine Smith & Athalie R. Clarke Foundation. The producer is Greg Bombeck of Bombeck Productions and the PBS presenter is KTOO Juneau. DVDs are available through Bombeck Productions, LLC, 18016 Kamkoff Ave., P.O. Box 770302, Eagle River, AK 99577
Portrait of George Hardy. In this 30 minute Gabriel Coakley 1995 program we meet George Hardy, an elderly self-taught artist, living on the island of Deer Isle, Maine. Born on Deer Isle in 1917, Hardy has continued to live there ever since. After making a living as a mason, he began his career in folk art at the age of 60. Isolated from art trends, with no formal training and only a seventh-grade education, his work is concrete, raw, and direct. His sculpture is very much a part of his environment. From his roughened hands come the energized versions of wooden porcupines, tigers, red foxes with alligator teeth, blue howling coyotes, seagulls, and song birds.

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