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Phippen Museum Home to Connie Foss Sculptures


The Phippen Museum in Prescott, Arizona recently announced the arrival of seven monumental outdoor welded steel sculptures of animals and human figures by famed Arizona artist, Connie Foss. Currently gracing the front veranda of the Museum, they join two sculptures previously donated by Mrs. Foss to the Museum's permanent collection. Several of the new arrivals became for sale after November 14, 1998. The public is welcome to view the work at no charge during museum business hours.

A combination of the whimsical realistic anatomy, and impressionistic motion, the animal figures portrayed by Connie Foss indicate her sense of oneness with animals, as they broaden and enrich her life immeasurably. She gets great satisfaction from doing things that require physical involvement. Of her work, Connie said, "They are loose, spontaneous, bold and unfussy, rather like an improvisational performance in music. I like to think that I reduce imagery to a few lean lines for the greatest impact, that there is an absence of the unnecessary and a presence of only what is truly needed."

Museum Director, Sue Willoughby, indicated that the Museum felt privileged to display Connie's work and admired the artist for tackling an endeavor most typically performed by men. Director Willoughby stated "Connie looks like a little pixie working on her larger than life-size sculptures, but does a commendable job. Her work augments our mission, our building, our goals and we are thrilled to have it here."



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