Phippen Museum

Prescott, AZ

(520) 778-1385


24th Annual Phippen Western Art Show



1997 Memorial Show Winners

The Phippin Family Award will be given for the most authentiuc piece of "traditional cowboy" art selected by the Phippen Family members. The George Phippen Foundation Award will be given to the artist who best typifies museum-quality work. Three members of the Board of Trustees and the Director will make this selection.


Artist Tom Haas, painting en "plein aire" at the Phippin Memorial Day Show, May, 1996


Several artists of note will be returning for the 23rd Annual Show. Former award-winning artists include: Guadalupe Apodaca (91,93,96); Ted Blaylock (84,85), Charles Brothers (94,95,96); John Coleman (95,96,97); Robert A. Carver (97); Lydia Dillon-Sutton (83,93,94,95), Judith Durr (91,92); Gabe Gabel (95,97); John C. Gawne (95,97); Celene Greene (97), Deanne Hally (87-91, 94),Tom Haas (95,96,97), Diane Hausmann (97); Jay Hester (96); Gary Holland (96,97); Dan Jordan (96,97); Lita Judge (96,97); Kaleigh Kinney (84,85,91,93,95); Lauren Knode (97), Thomas W. Lorimer (79); Keith McNeely (97); Denis Milhomme (93,94,97); Shalah Perkins (97); Martha Pettigrew (95,96); Marilyn Renshaw i97); Joseph Robertson (97), Bill Shaddix (75), Bob Quick (91), Jo Ann Romero (95), Christopher Smith (96.97), Dan Sutherland (95,96), Lyn St.Clair (95,97), D. Michael Thomas (96,97) and Paul VerBurg (96).

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