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Benny Alba, Astrid Preston and Sharon Hildebrand Paintings at Saginaw


Shared Blessings: paintings & prints by California artist Benny Alba; July 11 through August 23, 1998 (First-Floor Center Gallery):

Miss Alba's exhibition, entitled Shared Blessings, is comprised of both paintings and prints in which she aims to communicate with present and future viewers through a combination of symbols, colors, and messages. The imagery refers to old and new cultures with a current emphasis on landscapes.

Above from left to right: Shared Blessings, oil and Dutch leaf on canvas, 39 x 35 inches; Four Nights, linocut, 18 x 24 inches

Paintings by Astrid Preston; July 11 through August 16, 1998 (Second-Floor South Gallery):

Green Landscape, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 inches

Preston's vivid oil paintings create a strange new reality of landscapes. Images are not of real scenes, but rather of landscapes in the artist's mind. The contrast of the formal and natural gardens are used to symbolize the often opposing forces of intellect and emotion.


Watercolors by Sharon Hildebrand; July 11 through August 23, 1998 (Second-Floor North & Center Galleries):

Hildebrand's artistic style is as much about the process of watercolor painting as about the representation of nature. Her subjects - flowers, butterflies, landscapes - are abstracted in rich, dark, and moody colors, and revel in the inherent complications of the watercolor medium.

Nymphalidae/Africa, watercolor on paper, 1997, 15 x 17 inches


Astrid Preston's and Sharon Hildebrand's exhibitions organized by Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

Text and images courtesy of Saginaw Art Museum


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