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Artists of the Boston Art Club, 1854 - 1950


The Dane G. Hansen Museum is pleased to present Artists of the Boston Art Club, 1854-1950, a traveling exhibition of paintings from an extensive private collection in New England. The exhibit will run from June 14 to August 2, 1998.

This is a truly unique opportunity to see works by American artists like John Joseph Enneking, C.E.L. Green, Gerrit Beneker, A.C. Goodwin and Harold Crocker Dunbar, who may be familiar to museum goers, as well as works by the truly undiscovered. Many lovely surprises are in store. The collector from whom these works are borrowed collects exclusively those works created by members of the Boston Art Club, researching each work and artist carefully. This is a fascinating collection lovingly created with genuine interest in the art and artists.

The Boston Art Club was founded in 1854 to promote the exhibition and patronage of local artists. Boston art patrons were primarily interested in collecting European art, particularly French paintings by the fashionable Barbizon school. The Boston Art Club exhibition schedule was sporadic until the 1870's when the club began to play an active role in the Boston art scene. Regular group exhibitions were held in rented space, the galleries hung "salon style," with paintings crowding the walls. Amateur, professional and self-taught artists exhibited side by side in a kaleidoscope of images and techniques. In 1882, as the need grew for more space, a permanent clubhouse was built on still fashionable Navbury Street in Boston's "Back Bay."

These incredible examples of American paintings have been organized by the Fuller Museum of Art located in Brockton, Massachusetts. With the assistance of Smith Kramer, Inc., a fine arts service company located in Kansas City, Missouri, the exhibition has been traveling to twelve American museums over the past three years.

From top to bottom: Dunbar, Buds in Early Spring; Burgess, Wildflowers South Dartmouth; Squier, Haymarket; Elder, Beach Near Fairhaven; At Peace, Mt. Washington Valley, Pritchard, Dunbury Road Boat House.



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For further biographical information on selected artists cited above please see America's Distinguished Artists, a national registry of historic artists.

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