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Julie Inman: Giclee Prints


Heart, 48 x 52 inches


A piece of Fine Art paper is affixed to a rapidly spinning drum, and then tiny inkjets, smaller than the human hair, spray the inks onto the spinning paper, one line at a time, until the image is created. This process on a normally sized print can take up to 30 minutes, producing what can only be termed a one-of-a kind work of art, since each print is created individually, rather than mass produced on a huge press.


Outlook, 48 x 60 inches

The Giclee produces a handmade print, completely faithful to the artist's original intent, yet in and of itself with the look and feel of an original painting. After the image is "fixed" with a UV protective coating, not unlike that which is used on watercolor paintings, the print becomes archival and as long lasting as any other work of art.


The Last Leaf, 48 x 54 inches


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