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Julie Inman: Giclee Prints


Out to Lunch, 46 x 54 inches

Beginning May 6 through June 10, 1998, the Hansen Museum will feature Julie Inman: Giclee Prints. Julie will display signed and numbered reproductions on canvas and some originals. The prints range in size from 36" x 48" to 48" to 60". Having such titles as "Spring Garden" and "The Last Leaf," you can see they have a floral motif.


Spring Garden, 36 x 48 inches

The Giclee (pronounced "jeeclay") method of print making, sometimes referred to as the "Iris", is the latest technological advancement in the world of fine printing. Not unlike many other methods of printmaking -- the lithograph, the serigraph, the off-set print -- the giclee starts with a sophisticated photograph of the original painting. That photograph is entered into a retrieval system. After the artist and technician oversee and adjust the color balance to achieve the optimal, most faithful representation of the original painting, the image is then sent electronically to the Iris machine.

A piece of Fine Art paper is affixed to a rapidly spinning drum, and then tiny inkjets, smaller than the human hair, spray the inks onto the spinning paper, one line at a time, until the image is created. This process on a normally sized print can take up to 30 minutes, producing what can only be termed a one-of-a kind work of art, since each print is created individually, rather than mass produced on a huge press.

The Giclee produces a handmade print, completely faithful to the artist's original intent, yet in and of itself with the look and feel of an original painting. After the image is "fixed" with a UV protective coating, not unlike that which is used on watercolor paintings, the print becomes archival and as long lasting as any other work of art.


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