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Tijuana Tavolettas

Tijuana Tavolettas, an installation of sculpture by Micaela Amato, opens at Boston University's Sherman Gallery, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, on January 14, 1999 and continues through February 21, 1999.

Amato utilizes a variety of materials -- paint, neon, photography, glass, and wood. She combines images from Anglo and Hispanic culture to create multilayered works called tavolettas -- two-sided paintings produced during the Inquisition, said to transform the condemned and bring them spiritual peace at the moment of death.

Amato describes her installation as "a miraculous dream where apparitions provoke myths, history and memory, and where non sequiturs punctuate the silence with an unrest, a disquieting, a shudder: a deep song."

Amato is a graduate of the Boston University School for the Arts ('68) and holds an MFA from the University of Colorado. She is a 1988 recipient of an award in painting from the National Endowment for the Arts.


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