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Posessed by Furies


Possessed by the Furies features Stephanie Wilde's mixed-media works and newly published artist's book in a special installation designed by the artist. Wilde's beautiful and complex images reflect her personal journey exploring issues of humanity and decency in both the individual and our society as a whole.

Faced with her own mortality and purpose after the death of her mother, Wilde began questioning her character and that of society. Out of this examination came the body of work entitled Possessed by the Furies, a look at the destructive aspects of societal behavior including prejudice, arrogance, dishonesty and self-involvement. In the artist's view, one must be possessed by the Furies to engage in such behavior.

Using pen, ink and acrylic to create these works, the artist chose to only work with the colors black, white and red. For Wilde, black and white represent the extremes of human behavior and red suggests power, anger and danger.

Wilde, a long-time resident of Boise and co-owner of Stewart Gallery, is a self-taught arist. She has published several limited-edition portfolios and artist's books in addition to participating in a number of solo and group exhibitions. Her work is represented in museum, corporate, and private collections. In 1988 she was awarded an Idaho Commission on the Arts Fellowship and has since received three additional grants from the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

Stephanie WiIde: Possessed by the Furies, is a Boise Art Museum Feature exhibition which extends through February 21, 1999. The Feature series is sponsored by the H.J. Heinz Foundation and Peter S. and Vicki A. Helming.


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