Lyman Allyn Art Museum

Connecticut College

New London, CT




The Holy Calm of Nature

January 31 through June 30, 1999


Thomas Cole, Prospect of Mt. Etna, 1843


Nineteenth Century landscapes from the Museum's collection are on display in Chappell Gallery in a provocative exhibit entitled The Holy Calm of Nature. The purpose of this exhibit is to explore the visionary work of such well known nineteenth century artists such as Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church. As these landscapes will reveal, the nineteenth century was a time when Americans sought a spiritual communion with nature. America became obsessed with the vast grandeur of its pastoral landscapes and virgin wilderness. America's landscapes, in fact, became the symbolic focus of a nation forming its identity.

For further biographical information on selected artists cited in this article please see America's Distinguished Artists, a national registry of historic artists.

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