Irvine Civic Center - Portfolio Gallery

Irvine, CA

photo, ©1999 John Hazeltine



Gerald Fried at Portfolio at Irvine Civic Center


Gerald Fried will exhibit a diverse collection of his works through December 8th, 1998 at the Portfolio, a gallery space at Irvine's Civic Center.

The exhibition shows off Fried's talent in a variety of styles and mediums. While the artist's subjects range from cerebral satire on scratchboard to plein air landscapes quickly captured in oil paint, certain elements remain the same. The common threads in Fried's work are clarity, logic and expression. Fried intentionally avoids ambiguity, and in his own words, he strives to make "all parts of all [his] pictures make sense." His technique is clean and precise. Fried's works have a certain allure from a distance, and as the viewers are drawn in to take a closer look, they remain satisfied.

The works span seven years of Fried's efforts, though the subject matter dates farther back. In his pastel series, Scenes from the Jersey Shore, Fried captures the lazy summer heat in several nostalgic East Coast images. More timely images are his scratchboard illustrations, featured in The Skeptical Inquirer Magazine since 1995.

People interested in seeing Fried's works should come ready to absorb a rich variety of styles and subjects that provide insight to the many facets of Fried's personality. To quote the artist himself, "For better or for worse, if you've seen one of my pieces, you ain't seen 'em all."

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