Indiana University Art Museum

Bloomington, IN



Production Pop: Prints, Posters, Books, and Multiples from Indiana University Collections

September 16 - December 20, 1998


Roy Lichenstein, This Must Be the Place, 1965, Poster: offset color lithograph on paper, 21 3/8 x 16 inches, IUAM: Purchase of the Hope Fund, photo by Michael Cavanaugh, Kevin Montague

The special exhibition Production Pop: Prints, Posters, Books, and Multiples from Indiana University Collections will take place September 16 - December 20, 1998, at the Indiana University Art Museum (IUAM). Featuring works by American and British Pop artists working in the 1960s and early 1970s, this exhibition will focus on Pop Art's social, cultural, and historical themes. There are over 65 objects in the exhibition, including fine art prints, posters, souvenirs, albums, books, and movie-videos.

Pop artists consciously strove to remove the barriers between the artist and the audience by drawing on images and issues from everyday life, by producing work in different formats for larger distribution, and by seeking out new venues and avenues for expression. As the name of the movement itself tells us -- "Pop" (short for "Popular") artists wanted their work to have broad public appeal.

Playing on the multiple meanings of "production," this exhibition features the "production" or work of British and American Pop artists and their fascination with the "production" or creation, dissemination, and impact of U.S. popular culture. Moreover, the objects in the show are "productions" in the sense that they were created in quantity, usually by commercial means, for distribution to a large audience. The emphasis this exhibition places on the reproductive nature of the objects distinguishes it from other Pop exhibitions, which typically feature the singular, unique object of art.

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