Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Fullerton, CA


photo, ©1999 John Hazeltine


William Stout: Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales

October 8 - November 28, 1999


"Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales" is a stunning collection of works produced by noted wildlife illustrator and movie production designer William Stout. The exhibition will intrigue and educate visitors as they traverse from prehistoric to contemporary times through Stout's skillful and life-like representations of the diverse wildlife and terrain of Antarctica. Guests will view over sixty of Stout's drawings and paintings. Works are representations from a land once temperate and home to giant carnivorous land birds, fifty foot sea reptiles, crocodilian land predators, and dinosaurs to those of contemporary wildlife living on the rugged continent. (left: Upper Cretaceous Antarctica, 1994, oil on canvas, 48 x 24 inches)

Stout, regarded as a premier painter of prehistoric life will also lecture about his experiences while living and painting in Antarctica. While on the continent, he made several dives beneath the ice, climbed Mt. Erebus and camped in dry valleys. During this time, he produced over 100 paintings and studies from his careful observations of the rich abundance of life.

Stout has been included in exhibitions at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and numerous other art and science institutions. His works are known for their scrupulous accuracy to the latest scientific data concerning the appearance and behavior of extinct animals.

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