Muscatine Art Center

Muscatine, IA



The Storyteller: An Exhibition of Fabric Relief by Salley Mavor

October 24 - December 30, 1999


The Muscatine Art Center will open the exhibition The Storyteller: An Exhibition of Fabric Relief by Salley Mavor on Sunday, October 24 from 1 to 5 pm. The exhibition will have a variety of special programs presented by the artist during a week-long residency.

Salley Mavor learned how to sew as a child and created her first book at age eight. Since that time she has been developing her special fabric relief technique, which employs many different creative methods, including: appliqué, embroidery, wrapping and dyeing.

The three-dimensional pieces in her work are made from a variety of materials, including covered and stuffed cardboard shapes, wrapped wire, and found objects such as seashells and acorn caps. This intricate work is entirely stitched by hand and then photographed for reproduction.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Salley says, "My ability to transfer the pictures in my imagination onto cloth came easily and naturally. It just so happens that the way I communicate best is with needle and thread."

Salley's books include:

The Hollyhock Wall, Candlewick Press
You and Me, Poems of Friendship, Orchard Books
Mary Had a Little Lamb. Orchard Books
Come to My Party. MacMillan Publishing Company
Learning by Heart. jacket illustration, Houghton Mifflin Co.
The Way Home. MacMillan Publishing Co.

Each book project requires more than a year to complete. Says Salley, "The labor is very therapeutic. I need time to myself, creative time."

In conjunction with the Salley Mavor illustrations, students in the elementary schools will have an exhibition of their own textile art shown in the gallery.

Images from top to bottom: The Red Chair, 16 x 18 x 1 inches; A Little Music; Pink House, 1995, 11 x 10 x 3/4 inches; Queen with Duster.

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