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"Made in Massachusetts," an exhibition highlighting the works of some of the state's top contemporary illustrators opens at the Norman Rockwell Museum on March 13, 1999. This juried exhibition featuring 68 original works by 47 Massachusetts artists is sponsored by First Massachusetts Bank. The Honorable Jane Swift, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, and Judy Garlan, exhibit judge and Art Director of The Atlantic Monthly, will speak at the members' opening reception.

The aim of the exhibition is to reach out to illustrators working across the state of Massachusetts and celebrate their work. Norman Rockwell, America's most famous illustrator, lived and worked in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, for the last 25 years of his life. The works in this exhibition continue his legacy.

The Norman Rockwell Museum is dedicated to advancing the art of illustration. Coinciding with Made in Massachusetts is Visual Solutions: Seven Illustrators & the Creative Process, a major exhibition highlighting seven of the nation's most famous illustrators. The combination of these two exhibits highlights the importance of the role of illustration in modern daily life and heightens awareness and public appreciation of this art form. "The field of illustration has always attracted a special kind of artist," said Stephanie Plunkett, exhibit curator. "Most illustrators seem to have an intrinsic love of the picture-making process. They seek satisfaction in the development of their technical skills and, after much struggle, evolve a style that grows from their particular aesthetic and personal convictions. They are persuasive visual problem-solvers who place their talents in the service of others and, through their imagery, profoundly influence our perception of the world around us. The fabric of cultural life in Massachusetts is greatly enriched by the presence of the many illustrators who have chosen to live and work in the state. Made in Massachusetts is an exhibition celebrating the work of these artists."

The art in the exhibition features a broad range of illustration in terms of artistic style, media and content. The sixty-eight original works by forty-seven artists include: editorial illustrations for newspapers, magazines and journals, advertising illustrations that have appeared in magazines, brochures, product packaging, CD covers and posters, book illustrations including imagery from book jackets, children's books, graphic novels and cookbooks; and institutional illustrations for annual reports, calendars, corporate projects, note cards and promotional mailers.

Over 435 original works of art by 168 artists were submitted for entry. The entries were juried by a panel of renowned professionals: Etienne Delessert, Robert Andrew Parker and Judy Garlan.

Etienne Delessert is an illustrator, painter, editor and filmmaker. His illustrations are included in some of today's most popular children's books and also appear regularly in The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly and many other publications.

Author and New York Times senior art editor, Steven Heller has called Robert Andrew Parker a "true innovator of American illustration." Mr. Parker's witty, unconventional and expressionistic paintings and prints have been seen in books, album covers, television and film for over thirty-five years.

Judy Garlan has been the art director at The Atlantic Monthly for seventeen years. While she admires both words and pictures, it is their collaboration in the service of communication that she finds most interesting. She feels illustration art has the power to change how people relate to a text.

"The cultural richness of the Berkshires and Massachusetts is something we take a great deal of pride in, but only intermittently do we focus on our resident talent. This is the beauty of Made in Massachusetts at the Norman Rockwell Museum" said Steven H. Massicotte, regional president, First Massachusetts Bank. "It is with pleasure that we support the (Norman) Rockwell Museum in presenting to the public the considerable talent represented by the works of these forty-seven Bay State illustrators.

The illustrators included in Made in Massachusetts are: Fahimeh Amiri, Boston; Margot Apple, Shelburne Falls; Gloria Malcolm Arnold, Lee; Mary Brigid Barrett, Franklin; Leonard Baskin, Northampton; Nnekka Bennett, Boston; Diane Bigda, Brookline; Robin Brickman, Williamstown; John Burgoyne, Belmont; Elizabeth Buttler, Great Barrington; Ken Condon, Ashfield; Laurie Cormier, Pittsfield; Christin Couture, Shelburne Falls; Theodore Fijal, Chicopee; Joni Gilmour, Salem; Julio Granda, Washington; Oiles Laroche, Boston; Gary A. Lippincott, Spencer; Fred Lynch, Winchester; Bob Marshall, Florence; Sally Mavor, Falmouth; Michael McCurdy, Great Barrington; Kim Mellema, Brighton; Barry Moser, South Hadley; Ed Parker, Andover; Leonardo Quiles, Pittsfield; Rick Rawlins, Boston; Irena Roman, Canton; Marc Rosenthal, Pittsfield; Richard Salvucci, Brighten; Ruth Sanderson, Ware; Wendy Seller, Newtonville; Marcia Sewell, Dorchester; Miriam Shenitzer, Jamaica Plain; Oren Sherman, Boston; Bill Sienkiewicz, West Stockbridge; Douglas Smith, Newton; Dale Stephanos, Foxboro; Julia Talcott, Newton; Jeff Venier, Andover; Carol Vidinghoff, Watertown; Anna Vojtech, Boston; Cynthia von Buhler, Boston; James Warren, South Yarmouth; Suzy Pilgrim Waters, West Newton; Alan Witschonke, Belmont; and Sara Mintz Zwicker, Braintree.

From top to bottom: Sara Mintz Zwicker, February 1998 - Old Farmers Almanac; Nnekka Bennett, Gettin' Through Thursday; Diane Bigda, cover illustration for Herbes de Provence; Michael McCurdy, from The Gettysburg Address.


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