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10 x 10: Ten Women, Ten Prints


In 1995, The Berkeley Art Center and Alliance Graphics produced a portfolio of screenprints by 10 distinguished women artists in celebration of International Women's Day and 75 years of women's suffrage. Purchased by the Palmer Museum of Art in 1998, 10 x 10: Ten Women, Ten Prints will open at the Palmer Museum on September 14, 1999. The exhibition focuses on contemporary images and concerns of women, and the personal responses to current life by these accomplished artists.

Styles range from abstraction to photo-realism and reflect a broad spectrum of diverse artistic backgrounds and viewpoints. An international perspective is provided by the inclusion of two artists, Claudia Bernardi and Hung Lui, who both immigrated to the United States, Bernardi from Buenos Aires and Lui from China.

With their ages spanning more than three decades and all coming from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, the artists have become activists, working for civil and human rights and the protection of children, as well as for personal freedom for women in the workplace, in public life, in artistic expression, and in the most intimate areas of their private lives. (left: Yolanda M. Lopez, Women's Work Is Never Done, 1995, serigraph)

From Kim Anno's quiet and intimate Eve to Yolanda Lopez's loud and public Women's Work Is Never Done, the focus on the power and magnitude of the female voice remains the same. The ten prints by ten women artists explore not only the pain, but also the color and richness of the female experience.

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