Amon Carter Museum

Fort Worth, TX



Masterworks of the Photography Collection: Land of Plenty, Land of Contrast

January 9 -- April 11, 1999


The Amon Carter Museum holds one of the most important collections of American photography. Spanning the medium's full history from the 1840s to the present, it encompasses more than a quarter of a million works, including twenty-two thousand exhibition-quality prints that range across the boundaries of history and fine art.

In addition to extensive holdings of early portraiture, views of the American West, and examples of pictorial and documentary photography, the collection contains large groups of works by artists such as William Henry Jackson and Clara Sipprell, as well as the personal archives of Laura Gilpin, Eliot Porter, Karl Struss, Carlotta Corpron, Erwin Smith, and Nell Dorr.

This exhibition of masterworks from the collection draws its theme from the way photographers have portrayed America as a country of great abundance and diversity. Here, landscape photographers explore nature's bounty, land as empty space, land as playground, and especially, land as opportunity.

In the course of their commercial or fine art projects, portrait photographers also record the country's diversity of class and ethnicity and are witness to issues of immigration, assimilation, and mobility. Whether glorifying the nation's wonders or criticizing society's inability to satisfy the needs of its multitudes, these photographs make convincing, poetic, and revealing statements about this land and the people who call it home.


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