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Art and the Animal


Hopefully, Mother Nature won't usher in Spring with a roar, but we do hope you'll roar with approval when the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, hosts the Society of Animal Artists' 39th annual members' exhibition, Art and the Animal. Featured artists include many longtime favorites from the Museum's Birds in Art exhibition, including Carl Brenders, Burt Brent, Guy Coheleach, Dine Paravano, Andrea Rich, and Richard Sloan, to name just a few. The exhibition opens March 27, 1999 and will be on view until June 6, 1999.

Founded in 1960, the Society of Animal Artists is devoted to promoting excellence in the portrayal of the creatures that inhabit our planet. The society is based in New York, but its membership is drawn from four continents. The 50 paintings and 15 sculptures comprising the exhibition reveal a rich diversity of animals and an expressive vision by artists whose bond to our planet is evident in every work.

A healthy variety of furred, finned and feathered subjects can be enjoyed in Art and the Animal - from a herd of elephants fording a river to a resting golden retriever; from the leopards and lions of Africa to a bushy-tailed squirrel scolding the viewer not to meddle with its territory. Some animals receive vastly different treatments in the hands of different artists. For example, Walt Matia's bronze of a red-tailed fox depicts the fox keenly surveying its surroundings for prey, while Ambush, a painting by Canadian Alan Sakhavarz, takes the scene a step further, with the fox seen in hot pursuit of its next meal.

From insect larvae and Monarch butterflies to a cautious herd of cape buffalo, Art and the Animal offers animal magnetism at its best. Plan now to explore the exhibition with family and friends, use the Family Activity Guide with your children or young friends, get wild and crazy in the Family Exploration Gallery, and participate in one or more of our multitude of public programs - all designed to bring out the "beast" in you!

Support for education programs to complement Art and the Animal has been provided by Benjamin and Josephine Stone, Wausau.

From top to bottom: Andrea Rich, River Otters; Michael J. RIddet, Specimen - Luna.

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