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Eastern Coast Ideals & West Coast Concepts


Gregory Hull, Carpinteria Salt Marsh


The Springville Museum of Art presents a large three gallery exhibition capturing the legacy of the California Plein-Air and Boston Academic-Impressionist schools. This collaborative exhibition of works by the California Art Club and the American Society of Classical Realism, Guild of Arts, will be at the Museum from the August 1st to the 28th of September.

The exhibition, bringing together contemporary traditional artists of the East with those of the West, was inevitable considering the steady rise of interest in representational art in America over the past decade. Inevitable too, is the collaboration of two of the finest professional groups currently dedicated to the practice of tradition aesthetic values.

Both groups have been committed to the representational depiction of the visible world during a period dominated by art embracing the tenets of modernism. These East-West organizations also act as a haven for younger artists seeking the time-honored, artistic training that can be traced back through their mentors, Gammell and Lukits, to the nineteenth century academies of Europe.

The public is invited to view this rare exhibition of realist artists from the East and the West. Fifty-three contemporary and old master paintings, include the art work of; Peter Adams, Thomas Blackshear, Maurice Braun, Stephen Gjertson, Richard Lack, William McGregor Paxton, Edgard Payne, Tim Solliday, and William Wendt, etc., are included. If you liked the California Impressionists at the BYU Museum of Art, you will love this exhibition. It tells the rest of the story.

Allan R. Banks, Amidst the Roses


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