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Saginaw, Michigan

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Artists of the Southwest

Don Leon Sandoval, Textile; David Nabor Lucero, Santa Maria de los Siete Dolores (click on thumbnail image to enlarge)


The Saginaw Art Museum recently presented an exhibition of traditional Spanish Colonial artwork. The show consisted of works by 27 different Southwestern Latino artists and ran from May 6 - 30, 1999.

This exhibition included the artwork of Don Sandoval, David Nabor Lucero, and many other artists who are regular participants and award winners at the annual Spanish Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Works featured are: Santeros, depictions of religious figures in the form of bultos (painted and unpainted carvings in the round) and retablos (paintings on wooden panels); Textiles, loom weavings, traditionally made from hand-spun, vegetable-dyed yarns; Silver work, silver filigree and silver objects for daily or sacred use.

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