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National Academy's 173rd Annual Exhibition


On view from March 21 through April 26, 1998 the National Academy's 173rd Annual Exhibition is America's oldest, continuously held art competition. Beginning with founding members Rembrandt Peale and Thomas Cole, this artist-only, juried exhibition features paintings, sculptures, watercolors, graphic works, and architectural presentations by many of America's finest creative figures.

Each year, the exhibition offers art enthusiasts the unique opportunity to view and purchase work representing the full panorama of American art. Past annuals have consistently showcased the most compelling and contemporary work of thousands of artists from across the country including Chuck Close, Janet Fish, Glenna Goodacre, Wolf Kahn, Philip Pearlstein, Immi C. Storrs, and Altoon Sultan. In keeping with the Academy's original mission to "sustain an association of artists for the purpose of instruction and exhibition," all of the approximately 180 works in the exhibition will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the National Academy' exhibition and education programs. This exhibition is sponsored, in part, by U.S.Trust.



Particular excitement has surrounded the Annual Exhibition this year with the awarding of over $40,000 in cash prizes and awards, including the $15,000 the Alex Ettl Award in Sculpture. In response, the National Academy has received a record number of 2,000 submissions from artists throughout the United States.

This year's competition was open to professional artists - Academy Members and non-Members - as is the case during all even-numbered years (the competition is limited to National Academicians during odd-numbered years). Approximately 80% of the artists represented in this "open" Annual are non-Members, many showing their work at the Academy for the first time.


A distinguished group of National Academicians formed the juries of selection for each of the five categories, comprised of painters William Bailey, James Bohary, Charles Cajori, Louis Finkelstein, Paul Georges, and Leon Goldin; sculptors Barbara Lekberg, Tom Otterness and Neil Estern; and architect Dan Kiley. Those reviewing the watercolors were Robert Cottingham, Janet Fish, and Robert Parker, and jurying the graphic works were Harvey Breverman, Gerson Leiber, and Clare Romano. In late March, juries comprised of painters Will Barnet (Chair), Paul Cadmus, John Hultberg, Lester Johnson, Stephen Pace, Philip Pearlstein, and Paul Resika; sculptors Leonda Finke (Chair), Gilbert Franklin, and Nathan Cabot Hale; graphic artists Sigmund Abeles (Chair), Warrington Colescott, and John Ross; and watercolorists Diana Kan (Chair), Maxwell Desser, and Don Nice determined the award-winning works.



Comments the National Academy's new Director, Dr. Annette Blaugrund, "Quality and originality are key to the choices made by the dedicated juries who give freely of their time to select works in the five categories. With their discriminating help, we are able to present to the public the opportunity to view and purchase works by professional artists of the day, as we have for 173 years."



Among the nearly 180 artists represented in the exhibition are Rosemarie Beck, NA; Robert Birmelin, NA; Paul Cadmus, NA; Lewis Cohen, NA; Sergio Cuan; Andrew Forge, NA; Patricia Tabacco Forrester, NA; Jennifer Brennan French; Tim Gaydos; Philip Grausman, NA; Chet Jones; Wolf Kahn, NA; Nathaniel Kaz, NA; Robert Kipniss, NA; Lloyd Lillie, NA; Ro Lohin; Wilfred Loring; Raoul Middleman, NA; Ruth Miller, NA; John Salminen; Jonathan Shahn, NA Elect; Dan Smith; Kyle Staver; John Suh; and Beth Patterson Tooni. A broad range of styles and influences are included in the exhibition, from abstraction to representational work.


For the first time in several years, an illustrated catalogue is available to accompany the exhibition. This expanded publication includes an introduction by President William King and Director Annette Blaugrund, a historical perspective by Chief Curator David Dearinger, a check list of the artists and works in the exhibition, a complete listing of current National Academicians, organizational information, and lists of founders, early members, presidents, among others connected to the institution. This illustrated catalogue is available from the National Academy Bookstore, which is open daily and can be reached by calling (212) 369-4880.


Key to images from top to bottom: Wolf Kahn, Cypress Trees (Wet Feet), 1997, oil on canvas, 52 x 36 inches; Barbara Grossman, Two Librettos, 1995-96, oil on linen, 38 x 32 inches; John Salminen, Venice California, November 22, 1997, transparent watercolor, 30 x 40 inches; Sergio Cuan, Night Self Portrait, 1994-96, graphite and wax on paper mounted on wood, 33 x 39 x 2 inches.


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