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The National Park Academy of the Arts is a privately funded agency. The Academy is solely responsible for the funding and management of the Arts for the Parks contest. Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a board of directors and a small, highly energized staff take care of the entire Arts for the Parks activities: a national campaign to solicit entries and promote the Top 100 paintings; organization of the judging, handling, and return shipment of all paintings; hosting the annual Arts for the Parks Awards Ceremony and Banquet and sale of the paintings; organizing and promoting the national touring exhibition; directing Images of America, Publishing Company, and working closely with the National Park Foundation to help publicize the national parks represented in the exhibit.

The Competition's prize money is paid entirely from artists' entry fees. Revenue from the sale of paintings, prints, posters, and other Arts for the Parks merchandise is directed toward general operating costs. Participating artists receive a flat fee royalty from the sale of products and 60% of the sales price from the sale of paintings. Each year, the Academy gives a portion of its revenues to the National Park Foundation.

The National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation was chartered by Congress in the 1960's to sponsor programs benefitting the National Park System. The National Park Foundation is the principal beneficiary of the Arts for the Parks program.

In an effort to promote greater public awareness of the unique nature and beauty of the national parks, the National Park Foundation has established an official National Park Foundation Collection. Paintings within this collection are made available upon request to National Park headquarters, museums, corporations, and government facilities that might otherwise not be able to display a large show such as the Arts for the Parks Top 100. All of the Grand Prize winning paintings become part of the National Park Foundation's permanent art collection.

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For further biographical information on selected artists cited above please see America's Distinguished Artists, a national registry of historic artists.

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