Virginia Museum Acquires "Iris" Painting

by Frank Dumond, Who Taught O'Keeffe



The newly acquired dining room chairs were made by brothers Charles Sumner Greene (1868- 1957) and Henry Mather Greene (1870-1954), renowned as the most refined American contributors to the arts and crafts movement.


This pair of dining room chairs, made ca. 1907-1909 by the renowned Greene brothers and acquired recently by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, were once part of the dining room suite at the Robert Blacker House in Pasadena, California. Photo by Katherine Wetzel, copyright 1997 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


The two built seven "ultimate bungalows" in California between 1907 and 1909 - each a complete work of art, according to American arts curator Curry. The chairs just added to the Virginia Museum collection are from the first and largest of the homes, the Robert Blacker House in Pasadena, California. The museum already owns an important Greene & Greene sideboard from the Blacker House, purchased in 1993. The dining room chairs will "enhance the sideboard, reinvesting it with some of the rhythmic majesty that it once had as the dominant feature of the Blacker dining room," Curry explained.

The chairs were acquired by the museum through the direct trade of a Greene & Greene octagonal table made for another, later bungalow. The table was a 1985 gift to the museum from the Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation .

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