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Once Upon A Picture: The Art of Marc Brown (12/30/99)

David Douglas: Alexandria Artist (12/30/99)

Christopher Terry: Recent Paintings (12/21/99)

Mystery/Ambiguity/Narrative: The Paintings of Kathryn Myers (12/20/99)

Katherine Sowle: Circus Impressions (12/19/99)

Tim Lowly: painting (this world and the next) (12/18/99)

Towards the Horizon: Recent Works on Paper by Mary Ellen Doyle (12/16/99)

Ellen Lanyon: Transformations, Selected Works from 1971-1999 (12/15/99)

New Paintings by Mary Cate-Carroll at the Montage Gallery (12/8/99)

Bill Maughan, Director of the Fine Art and Illustration Graduate Programs at San Francisco's Academy of Art College (12/7/99)

Encounters: James Ware Pitts (12/5/99)

RASJr25: Robert A. Schaefer, Jr. -- 25 Years of Photography (12/5/99)

Miriam Schapiro: A Retrospective of Paintings 1954 - 1997 (11/24/99)

Robert Indiana: Love and the American Dream (11/22/99)

Undercurrents: Drawings by Chris Fusco-Ruch / Paintings by Ray Canty (11/19/99)

Deborah Paswaters: Realm-Millennium (11/19/99)

Fields of Color: Pastel Landscapes by Jane Lincoln (11/6/99)

Susan Fenton: Hand-Colored Photographs (11/5/99)

The Art of Herb Kornfeld (11/4/99)

Mark L. Moseman: Agrarian Legacy (11/3/99)

Pages & Stages: The Art of E. L. Konigsburg (11/3/99)

Vincent Figliola (11/2/99)

Light & Dark: The Fantastic World of Werner Wildner (11/12/99)

Susan Hauptman (11/1/99)

Andrew Stevovich: Twenty Years of Paintings, Drawings and Prints (10/31/99)

Clark Hulings (1922 - ): Master American Painter (10/28/99)

Women, Hips & Fruit: Phelan Meek (10/27/99)

Henry Chodkowski: Mavros Labyrinthos Series (10/27/99)

An Uncommon Mission: Father Jerome Tupa and the California Missions (10/26/99)

Realization: A Retrospective of Paintings by Robert Halm (10/26/99)

Beyond a View: The Landscape Drawings of Teri Malo (10/26/99)

Douglas Mason: Maya Quest (10/24/99)

Pine and Bamboo: Madolin Maxey at Providence Art Club (10/24/99)

Ruth Weisberg: Canto V: A Whirlwind of Lovers (10/23/99)

Claes Oldenburg: Prints and Multiples (10/23/99)

Kenneth Josephson: A Retrospective (10/18/99)

Half Past Autumn: The Art of Gordon Parks (10/14/99)

The World as Mirror: Paintings by Jon Imber, 1978-1998 (10/14/99)

Wild Beasts! Roy De Forest & Gaylen Hansen (10/14/99)

Home: Photographs by Richard Colburn (10/14/99)

Bill Nebeker: 1999 Cowboy Artists of America President (10/12/99)

Fields: Landscape Paintings by Gary Ernest Smith and Harvest Rites: Installations by Tracy Linder (10/8/99)

William Stout: Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales (9/26/99)

Crossed Purposes: Joyce and Max Kozloff (9/25/99)

Surrealist Paintings by Marvin Messing and Realism or Not (9/24/99)

Jimmy Rickles - A Retrospective Exhibition (9/23/99)

From the Figurative Tradition, Theophilus Brown and Paul Wonner, Selected Paintings: 1954 - 1999 (9/23/99)

Upon a Lilac Sea: Paintings by Catherine McCarthy (9/22/99)

The Storyteller: An Exhibition of Fabric Relief by Salley Mavor (9/21/99)

Ben Mahmoud: A Retrospective (9/21/99)

Floyd Scholz, Vermont's Master Woodcarver of Birds (5/21/99)

Hooshang: Chiseling on Canvas (9/21/99)

"Paintings 99" by Ronald Sloan (9/18/99)

Rie Muñoz: 100 Recent Alaskan Watercolors (9/17/99)

Quiet Times, Quiet Places: Landscapes in Oil by Lloyd Nick (6/99)

Walter Robinson Wood Sculpture (9/13/99)

Collecting Miracles:  Lulu Yee (9/13/99)

Miriam Schapiro: Works on Paper, A Thirty Year Retrospective (9/11/99)

Barbara Lyman at the Springville Museum of Art (9/11/99)

Michael McWillie: Painting (9/10/99)

Kevin Red Star (9/9/99)

Emerging Artists Series: Brian McCutcheon (9/9/99)

Force in Form: Bronze Sculpture by James Lee Hansen (9/9/99)

Jules Olitski: Monoprints, 1994-1999 (9/9/99)

Andrew Wyeth: Selected Works (9/9/99)

Charles Burns (9/7/99)

Larry Wade at the Springville Museum of Art (9/5/99)

Ben Schonzeit: Flower Paintings (9/3/99)

Will Barnet: An American Master (9/3/99)

Intaglio Prints by Mauricio Lasansky (9/2/99)

Kristin Capp: Hutterite Photographs (8/21/99)

Margy Gates at Ventura County Maritime Museum (8/21/99)

Wings of Paradise / John Cody (8/20/99)

New Frontiers: Kojo Griffin (8/18/99)

New Watercolors by W.F. Stone, Jr. -"Mostly Italian" at CAA in September (8/17/99)

Bert Carpenter: A Retrospective (8/17/99)

Light on the Familiar: The Paintings of Scott Prior (8/16/99)

Robert Colescott: Recent Paintings (8/14/99)

Myth, Object and the Animal: William Morris (8/13/99)

Norman Lundin to Exhibit at Frye Museum (8/11/99)

Robert Bissell: Animals Are Good for Thinking (8/3/99)

Mind and Machine: Rhonda Wall, Recent Works (7/28/99)

Apocalyptic Giggles: The Industrial Cartoon Humor of Derf (7/28/99)

Nene Humphrey: Common Touch (7/20/99)

Flatland Skies: Keith Jacobshagen (7/16/99)

David Rothermel: The Light Within (7/3/99)

Love and the American Dream: The Art of Robert Indiana (7/8/99)

Portraits of Seiji Ozawa & Other Photographs by Lincoln Russell (7/6/99)

Glen Hansen: Oil Paintings (7/99)

Jan Aronson: Portraits of Place (7/2/99)

Carmel Plein Air Festival - Featured Artist: Judy Molyneaux (7/1/99)

Between Worlds: The Art of Jonathan Green (7/1/99)

Betty Tompkins: Weir Deer (6/23/99)

A Loaded Brush - Nancy Brett: Recent Paintings (6/22/99)

Marjorie Hayek: Images of Iowa's Rural Heritage (6/20/99)

Paintings by Charles Sibley (6/17/99)

William Wegman: Drawing, Video, Painting, Photography (6/17/99)

Lorraine S. Capparell: Five Women (6/16/99)

Michael Johnson Photographs (6/14/99)

Dale Chihuly: "Seaforms " (6/14/99)

Jerry Weiss: Landscapes (6/11/99)

Friese Undine (6/11/99)

Thomas William Jones: Three Decades of Watercolor (6/10/99)

Queen of My Room: A Survey of Work by Julie Speed, 1989-1999 (6/9/99)

Watercolors by Peggy Flora Zalucha and Roberta Barnes Landscapes (6/7/99)

Photographic Tableaux: Tina Barney's Family Album (6/6/99)

Daniel Sprick at the Denver Art Museum (6/6/99)

Robert Stackhouse: Major Works 1969-1999 (6/5/99)

A Visual Reflection: Photographs by Richard Buswell (5/29/99)

The Art of Fritz Scholder from the Tom and Mary Jane McClain Collection (5/28/99)

Patssi Valdez: A Precarious Comfort (5/28/99)

Flights of Fancy: Paintings by Hunt Slonem (5/27/99)

Erle Loran: Berkeley Modernist - MALT Event Breaks Record - "Artists for Action" Paint Mt. Diablo (5/27/99)

Dale Chihuly: Installations (5/26/99)

Rip Matteson's Joy of Life (5/4/99)

Alberta Cifolelli: A Retrospective (5/1/99)

Jacob Lawrence--Aesop's Fables (4/11/99)

Donald S. Vogel: Retrospective at Tyler Museum of Art (4/11/99)

Larry Clark: Tulsa at Everson Museum of Art (4/10/99)

Carmel Art Association Exhibits: "William Hannum: A Retrospective," and "Selected Works by Helen Barker" (4/8/99)

Mission San Juan Capistrano to Present Art of Alice Nathan and Augustus Dunbier in Upcoming Exhibitions (4/8/99)

Lance Richbourg Pen and Ink Illustrations at Robert Hull Fleming Museum (4/9/99)

Cynthia Carlson Paintings: The Dog Show (3/29/99)

Imperiled Landscapes - Endangered Legends: Photographs by Lynn Hyman Butler (3/20/99)

Prints of the Midwest by Jackson Lee Nesbitt on View at the Georgia Museum of Art (3/20/99)

A Harvest of Devotions: The Farming Heritage Paintings of Aaron F. St. John (3/19/99)

Phillip Koch: Recent Work (3/18/99)

Edward Gorey: Works on Paper (3/15/99)

A Voice of Conscience: The Prints of Jack Levine (3/15/99)

Clyde Butcher, Wilderness Photographer, at Orlando Museum of Art (3/10/99)

Paul Collins: World Visions (3/9/99)

Carol Anthony: A Place of Inner Stillness (3/7/99)

The Mysterious Enchantment of Beauty: the Art of Carlo Maria Mariani (3/7/99)

Paintings by Joseph Lindon Smith: Egypt at the Thorne (3/3/99)

The Art of Woodie Long (3/3/99)

Icons of the Twentieth Century: Portraits by Yousuf Karsh (3/3/99)

Mark Alice Durant: The Battle of Evermore (3/2/99)

Still Time: Photographs by Sally Mann (2/23/99)

We Live in the Bizarro World: Assemblages by David Gilhooly (2/22/99)

Gus Foster: Breathtaking Views (2/22/99)

Olga de Amaral: Woven Gold (2/22/99)

Manuel Neri, artist-in-residence at Boston University (2/14/99)

Steven Assael A Decade of Painting and Drawing (2/14/99)

Timothy J. Clark: California Missions (2/12/99)

Fruits and Flowers: Botanical Paintings by Geraldine King Tam (2/11/99)

David Stephens: California Colorist (2/6/99)

Stephen Lack (2/3/99)

Carol Mothner: Monotypes of Birds' Nests and Flowers (1/29/99)

The Illuminated Word: The Manuscript Paintings of Diane Pivonski (1/18/99)

Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective (1/15/99)

David Smith: Medals for Dishonor (1/14/99)



Photographic Tableaux: Tina Barney's Family Album (12/19/98)

Fresh Visions: Rudy Loupias (12/17/98)

Recent Work: Carrie Mae Weems, 1992-1998 (12/14/98)

Family Ties: Needlework by Denise Allen (12/8/98)

A Unique American Vision: The Paintings of Gregory Gillespie (12/7/98)

Bo Bartlett: Heartlands (12/4/98)

Jamie Wyeth: Proteus in Paint (11/18/98)

Parks and Portraits: Dona Nelson, 1983-88 (11/17/98)

Gerald Fried at Portfolio at Irvine Civic Center (11/9/98)

Zelda Fitzgerald: Alice in Wonderland and Other Fairy Tales (11/6/98)

Chuck Close (10/28/98)

Mostly Prague: Photographs by Anna Tomczak (10/28/98)

Between Observation and Fiction. Paintings and Works on Paper by James McGarrell (10/25/98)

Manuel Neri: A Sculptor and His Drawings (10/23/98)

John Clem Clarke: Comforts, Near Disasters, and Pentimenti (10/16/98)

Edmund Lewandowski: Recording the Beauty of Man-Made Objects and the Energy of American Industry (10/15/98)

Henry Elinson's Dow Jones Industrial Art (10/12/98)

Natural Lighting: Landscape Photographs by Melville McLean (10/7/98)

Arnold Genthe: The Greek Series (9/22/98)

Pastel Portraits: Ercell Lester Miller (9/17/98)

Portrait of a City at Mid-Century: Kenneth Harris' Views of Norfolk (9/16/98)

Will Barnet Prints (9/15/98)

Figuratively Speaking: Paintings by Katherine Hu Fan (9/15/98)

Making Waves: Sculpture by Sarah Haviland (9/15/98)

Stone and Steel: Bridges by Bascove (9/15/98)

Loran Speck: Contemporary Realism (9/14/98)

Transformation: The Art of Joan Brown (9/1/98)

Lester Raymer: Quietly Outspoken (8/29/98)

From the Apple to Eden: Paintings by Ben Mahmoud (8/27/98)

The Art of Carl Sprinchorn: Paintings from the "Kat'dn" Collection / The Isle of Skye: Paintings by Sherry Palmer (8/11/98)

R. S. Riddick (8/11/98)

Unknown Terrain: The Landscapes of Andrew Wyeth (8/5/98)

Stan Washburn: Museum Images and A Moral Alphabet of Vice and Folly (8/2/98)

Susan Ricker Knox: Portsmouth and Beyond (7/31/98)

Luis Jimenez: Working-Class Heroes: Images from the Popular Culture (7/27/98)

The Art of Arthur Getz: The New Yorker Covers (7/25/98)

Joseph Reboli Retrospective(7/24/98)

Boston Master: Robert Douglas Hunter (7/15/98)

William Wegman: Photographs, Paintings, Drawings and Video (6/7/98)

Julie Inman: Giclee Prints (5/24/98)

Two Narratives: Paintings by Peter Olsen and Rebecca "Betty" Pinkey (4/27/98)

Maria Brito: Rites of Passage (4/27/98)

Modern Color: Maine Watercolors by Carl Gordon Cutler (4/27/98)

Watercolors by Arthur E. Smith (4/17/98)

Journeys over Water: The Paintings of Stephen Etnier (3/31/98)

Hughie-Lee Smith: A Retrospective (1/26/98)



Painting Along the Seine, by Kay Rebber Foote (10/9/97)

Tom K. Enman: Southern California Impressionist

Leonore Rae Smith: American Portraiture


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