Artist Residencies in America's Parks

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site


Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, a unit of the National Park Service, preserves the home and

studios of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, one of America's greatest sculptors. Each year the Site offers

an artist the opportunity to serve as sculptor-in-residence .


Sculpture and gardens at Site


The sculptor-in-residence serves an important role in the Site's interpretive program, allowing

visitors see how an artist works, and thus learn something about the sculptural process. For this

reason, while the sculptor works on his/her own art, it should be figurative or representational in

form, and suited to lost wax casting techniques as used by Saint-Gaudens. The artist also

conducts several one-day workshops, at least two of which are for children. It is very important,

therefore, that this person be comfortable interacting with the public.


The sculptor-in-residence position is recruited through the Student Conservation Association in

Charlestown, N.H. Positions with SCA are volunteer, though housing, and a stipend to cover food

and some travel, are included. In addition, the Site provides tools and materials, such as clay and

plaster, as well as exclusive use of the historic Ravine Studio.


Ravine Studio


The basic SCA commitment is for twelve weeks beginning in mid-June, but if mutually agreeable,

the Site will extend that for another five weeks, allowing the sculptor to work through October.

No art donation is required, and artists are free to accept commissions and also work after hours

when everything is quiet.


This position is a wonderful opportunity for sculptors. Not only does the successful applicant have

the chance to spend the summer working on his/her art, but they do so in one of New England's most

beautiful and culturally significant settings.



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For further information about the sculptor-in-residence position artists may contact Gregory C. Schwarz, Chief of lnterpretation: at (603) 675-2175. Interested artists should also contact the SCA at (603) 543-1700, to obtain an application form. Information on the site and its programs is also available through the Internet at http://www.valley. net/-stgaud/saga.htmI

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