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When you clicked on Art sellers' showcase and sponsorships or Advertising and sponsorship options you were directed to this revised page.

A business named Traditional Fine Art Online, Inc. founded Resource Library Magazine in 1997 as a commercial publication. While owned by Traditional Fine Art Online, Inc., Resource Library Magazine accepted advertising, featured an art sellers' showcase, and accepted sponsorships of individual pages.

Resource Library Magazine was acquired by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) on August 16, 2003 from Traditional Fine Art Online, Inc. On August 1, 2004 Resource Library Magazine was given a new name: Resource Library.

Resource Library is a nonprofit-owned, 100% non-commercial publication. It does not accept paid advertising, has no art sellers' showcase, publishes no publicity articles or calendar listings for commercial gallery exhibitions, and does not accept sponsorships of individual pages. For more information please see Resource Library's overview and how Resource Library differs from paper-printed art publications pages.


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