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America's Distinguished Artists relationship with Resource Library


Resource Library is a publication of Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO). Resource Library contains biographical articles and essays by acclaimed authors plus other biographical texts and related images provided mainly by nonprofit art museums, galleries and art centers and academies, associations, ateliers and societies.

Since 2001, when an article is published on an artist, Resource Library lists at the end of the article links to its previously published articles on the artist. America's Distinguished Artists, in turn, updates its link for the artist to that most recently published Resource Library article.

Institutions often send to Resource Library much more information than usually sent to typical media organizations. They may send new or previously published essays, blog texts, magazine articles, gallery guide texts, wall panel and labels texts, audio tour scripts and checklists. Materials relating to exhibitions published in Resource Library often include elements infrequently published online or on paper. Resource Library does not inject its own critique or opinions into published texts.

Texts and images from institutions are usually sent to Resource Library by museum staff members including curators, executive directors and media relations personnel. Certain texts not attributed to an author -- such as gallery guide texts, wall panel and labels texts, audio tour scripts and checklists -- are usually written by curators. News releases are usually written by museums' media relations staff, who gather information form curators before composing the releases. Less frequently, news releases are written by media relations firms retained by the nonprofits.


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