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Creating new listings from sources other than Resource Library

These steps are taken by TFAO volunteers leading to nomination of artists and URL links for inclusion in the America's Distinguished Artists catalogue.

Step 1: Happen upon potential candidates when browsing the Web
Volunteers naturally enjoy the study of American art and from time to time browse websites for pages of interest to them. While doing this they may chance upon artists they want to study further. These artists may prove to be candidates for America's Distinguished Artists.
Step 2: Determine that candidates are deceased and created a significant body of American representational art.
Step 3: Check to see the extent to which candidates are already included in America's Distinguished Artists.
Step 4: Search the Web for biographies.
Hint: See Reviewing existing listings for search techniques.
Step 5: Review the information gathered from each Web page to determine the best page (URL) for recommendation to TFAO.
Exclude biographical information that require a fee to view complete biographies and those that have information likely to be temporary. Information from auction sites and gallery sites with offering prices for art objects on the same pages as biographies is likely to be temporary.
Step 6: Send a recommendation for a biography's URL by email to TFAO at


Significant sources

An online search for a particular artist may lead to a website containing names of many other artists. It's worthwhile to check the names listed on that site against the names listed in the America's Distinguished Artists catalogue. Hundreds of artists have been discovered through reviewing biographies of artists from other online sources. Examples include:

Adobe Gallery
American Art Gallery
American Legacy Fine Arts
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
California Watercolor Gallery
Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture Project
Fine Estate Art
Bernard Friedman
Google Books
John J. Henderson / White Mountain Art and Artists
Illinois Women Artists Project - Artist information is offline until 2019 when site redesign will be completed.
James A. Michener Art Museum
Johnson Collection
Kathleen L. Nichols, Pittsburg State University
Online Nevada Encyclopedia
Questroyal Fine Art
M. Christine Schwartz Collection
J. Mark Sublette
Terra Foundation for American Art (List of Artists)
Texas State Historical Association
The University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr., JVJ Publishing
plus other sources not mentioned here.

The 2015 catalogue audit revealed that all links to artist biographical information from the North Dakota Council on the Arts were broken. An inquiry to the NDCA revealed that the the online artist archive was removed from its website. On October 27, 2015, Amy Schmidt, Public Information Officer, Accessibility Coordinator, North Dakota Council on the Arts, or, wrote that she would email available information for particular artists on request, and on October 28, 2015 further wrote that TFAO may append the information in Editor's notes for Resource Library articles citing individual artists as long as applicable references are included.


Recognition to volunteers

TFAO greatly appreciates the efforts made by volunteers to improve the America's Distinguished Artists catalogue. TFAO will acknowledge volunteers who contribute new listings on the appropriate page.


Invitation to biographers

TFAO welcomes for publication in Resource Library biographies of deceased American artists and artisans whose works have been exhibited in American art museums. Do you have a biography to contribute? To learn how please click here.


Individual pages in this catalogue are continuously amended. Refreshing or reloading pages enables readers to view the latest updates.

Links to sources of information outside of our website are provided only as referrals for your further consideration. Please use due diligence in judging the quality of information contained in these and all other web sites. Information from linked sources may be inaccurate or out of date. TFAO neither recommends or endorses these referenced organizations. Although TFAO includes links to other web sites, it takes no responsibility for the content or information contained on those other sites, nor exerts any editorial or other control over them. For more information on evaluating web pages see TFAO's General Resources section in Online Resources for Collectors and Students of Art History.

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