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Creating new listings from articles and essays in Resource Library


When Resource Library publishes an article or essay, the deceased artists mentioned in the text are cross-checked against the listings in the America's Distinguished Artists catalogue. If the article or essay contains for an included artist:

Links are placed in America's Distinguished Artists for artists noted in Resource Library's pages even if the Resource Library pages have less biographical information than pages in other websites. Listing of an artist mentioned in a Resource Library page assures that there will always be a reference to the artist's name, no matter what happens in other websites. Resource Library's pages have stable URLs. When people bookmark links among Resource Library's pages, they are assured of consistent routing to the information they want to remember. Some other sources have tendencies to abandon pages without saving pathways to relocated information. Sometimes the information is simply erased. Museums, historical societies and other sources with young websites tend to reorganize them several times -- losing pathways in the process -- before settling on a lasting site map. Museums and art dealers who do not archive online exhibit information may drop pages with biographical information once special exhibits are ended. New leadership in other sources may lead to reorganization of sites and the destruction of prior URL pathways to biographies.

Furthermore, even though a Resource Library's page may have little specific biographical content for an artist, the context surrounding the Resource Library information on an artist is often meaningful to understanding the relationship of the artist to larger themes in art history and a reference point for further research.

Individual pages in this catalogue are continuously amended. Refreshing or reloading pages enables readers to view the latest updates.

Links to sources of information outside of our website are provided only as referrals for your further consideration. Please use due diligence in judging the quality of information contained in these and all other web sites. Information from linked sources may be inaccurate or out of date. TFAO neither recommends or endorses these referenced organizations. Although TFAO includes links to other web sites, it takes no responsibility for the content or information contained on those other sites, nor exerts any editorial or other control over them. For more information on evaluating web pages see TFAO's General Resources section in Online Resources for Collectors and Students of Art History.


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