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"reply to author's questions on copyright concerning reprinting of author-owned AAR article"


Subject: reply to author's questions on copyright
Yes, you retain full copyright to your work. You are only granting to TFAO permission for one-time online text republication in Resource Library without accompanying illustrations. You will be given full authorial credit. The notice of your ownership of your text will appear with the article. In addition, TFAO would appreciate an updated brief biography to accompany the article, although that is optional.
TFAO has provided complimentary online republishing to hundreds of copyright holders including authors, nonprofit institutions and commercial publishers. Copyright holders are never charged for our service.
You may make copies as you wish. Other individuals are governed by Resource Library's user agreement, which is very specific and restrictive. It provides for fair use of content for personal or educational purposes, excluding any commercial purpose. The user agreement is available through the home page of Resource Library at <http://www.tfaoi.org/resourc.htm>. 100% of content is provided without charge to readers. There is no printed distribution of Resource Library. TFAO, the publisher of Resource Library, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is 100% funded by private support.
Texts published online in Resource Library are contained solely in the TFAO Digital Library. The home page for the TFAO Digital Library is at <http://www.tfaoi.org/aa/4aa/4aa354.htm>. There is a policy statement covering acquisition and deselection of content for the TFAO Digital Library at <http://www.tfaoi.org/aa/5aa/5aa45.htm>. The policy statement is designed to provide full comfort to copyright owners.
I hope that the above response fully answers your questions. If not please do not hesitate to inquire further. It is our pleasure to serve you as well as members of the public who desire to learn about American art and its history.
Best regards,

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