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"AAR Study Project: Volumes XI through XVI article or essay invitation"


Subject: AAR Study Project: Volumes XI through XVI article or essay invitation


A special Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) emphasis is building an online archive of texts, authored by scholars and other informed individuals, beneficial for the study of representational art history in the United States.

TFAO annually publishes in its online publication Resource Library numerous scholarly articles and essays. 100% of these texts are provided without charge to readers. Resource Library has published articles and essays - often in considerable depth - relating to many important historic artists and topics. Still, further knowledge could be provided for selected artists and topics, which brings me to the reason for this letter.

In 19__ [name of author or "you"] authored an article for American Art Review's _________ issue. TFAO has interest in republishing the article (without illustrations) in Resource Library if you own [he owns, she owns] the copyright. If the article was derived from an essay, TFAO would prefer to republish the essay. Please see TFAO's guidelines for submisions at <http://tfaoi.org/aa/4aa/4aa338d.htm>, including links to examples of published articles and essays.

To review a list of authors published in Resource Library see <http://www.tfaoi.org/aa/4aa/4aa348.htm>.

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