Face to Face: Portraits and the American West

January 22, 2011 - Early May, 2011


Checklist for the exhibition


From the Rockwell Collection:

Joseph Henry Sharp, Ex Governor of Taos

Edgar Paxson, Chief Joseph

Joseph Sharp's Hunting Son and Bawling Deer

Henry Farny, The Wailer

Henry Farny, Sign of Peace

John Hauser, Chief Plenty Horses

George Catlin, Mandan Indians

Alfred Jacob Miller, Crow Chief on the Lookout

E.M.Hennings, The Teacher

Frederic Remington, Arizona Cowboy

Nordfeldt's "Shepard, Cerrillos, New Mexico

Rosalie Favell, Navigating by our Grandmothers

Ed Singer, Navajo Joe

Jaune Quick to See Smith, Boarding School Girl

Dorothy Brett, Pueblo Indian Woman

David Bradley, Surrounded by Indians

Rick Bartow, Dog, Deer, and Me

Rick Bartow, Angry Coyote

Leonard Baskin, High Bear, Standing Rock Sioux (pending visual inspection)

Jeffery Chapman, Package from Home

Michael Eastman, Horse #2

Kurt Markus, Merlin Rupp, Rock Creek Ranch, Frenchglen, Oregon

Kurt Markus, Bert Ancell, Bell Ranch, New Mexico, 1987

Cyrus Dallin, Archery Lesson

Allan Houser, Apache Gans Dancer

Frederic Remington , The Sergeant

Charles M. Russell, Smoking Up


From other collections:

Joseph Sharp, Chief White Grass

Randall Davey, Dog Dancer

Donna Howell-Sickels, Pigs In a Blanket

Donna Howell-Sickels, Prairie Romance

Gordon Snidow, Prophet's Bull

Gordon Snidow, Skum of the Slums (study)

Teresa Elliot, Steer (title to come later)

Barbara Van Cleve, The Saddlemaker

Barbara Van Cleve, Arturo Villavicencio

Barbara Van Cleve, Star Shower

Barbara Van Cleve, Melody Harding in Her Barn


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