National Calendar of Art Exhibitions

with an emphasis on American representational art

at museums and other non-profit organizations



How TFAO updates calendars

TFAO reviews from time to time current, future and past exhibition sections of museum websites. See an alphabetical list (A-C D-G H-L M-Q R-S T-Z) used in connection with the National Calendar of Art Exhibitions. The museums listed on these pages save information for past exhibits on their websites.

For future exhibitions, TFAO determines if potential coverage in TFAO's Topics in American Art will offer readers important insight into American representational art. Then, for each exhibit TFAO wants to tag for later follow up, TFAO lists in the page for the appropriate year and month in the National Calendar of Art Exhibitions the name of the institution, name of the exhibit and its opening and closing dates.

Update status: As of 9/1/17 the calendar is updated through Zimmerli Art Museum


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