Heartland Art: Selections from Your Indiana Collection

May 1, 2010 - February 13, 2011



Checklist for the exhibition



Untitled landscape by Jacob Cox
Indians Playing Moccasin Game by George Winter
John Moore by J. E. Bundy
Portrait of Benjamin Cox Stevenson by Julia Cox
Red Snapper by William Merritt Chase
Portrait of Steele by Wayman Adams
La Misere by William Edouard Scott
Katherine McLead Smith by Wayman Adams
The Hoosier Group
Birches by Steele
Black Man by Steele
Hollyhocks by Otto Stark
Hunting Rock Oysters by Steele
The Bridge by William Forsyth
A Jar of Peonies by Steele
Brown County Art Colony
Grey Goose by Ada Shulz
Approaching Storm by Adolph Shulz
The Hoosier Cabin by E.K. Williams
Early Spring by C. Curry Bohm
Procession by Gustave Baumann
Untitled (women) by Virginia True
Silver Beeches by Maud Eggemeyer
Bomar Cramer by Ruth Pratt Bobbs
Salt Lick Creek, Brown County by John Wesley Hardrick
Moonlight Symphony by Frank V. Dudley
Butler Campus by John Zwara
Gloucester Harbor by Frederick W. Rigley
Quarry by Felrath Hines
Dairy Barn by Robert Selby
Terre Haute by Robert Indiana
North of Oolitic by Martha Slaymaker
Night Water Lilies by Mary Beth Edelson
Untitled Yellow Relief by James Spencer Russell
California Lattices by William Itter
The Barber Shop by Steven Stoller
Morning at Lighthouse by Angel Mercado
Contentment by John Domont
First Light by Tom Keesee
The Camel Precedes the Lion by Matthew Davey
Autumn's Vista by Patricia Rhoden Bartels
Woman Under Palm by Ruth Hembree
Ground Plan by Betsy Stirratt
Surviving the Past, Creating the Future by Carol White
August Moon by Tamar Kander
The Old Neighborhood by Paul Kane


Philogyrics Polygyric by Robert Lohman
Untitled by Robert Lohman
Cyclades by Neil Goodman
Spirit Boat II by Valerie Eickmeier
Woman Under Construction II by Susan Tennant

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