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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:


Katherine Sowle: Circus Impressions (12/19/99)

Towards the Horizon: Recent Works on Paper by Mary Ellen Doyle (12/16/99)

Ellen Lanyon: Transformations, Selected Works from 1971-1999 (12/15/99)

New Paintings by Mary Cate-Carroll at the Montage Gallery (12/8/99)

Miriam Schapiro: A Retrospective of Paintings 1954 - 1997 (11/24/99)

The Art of Nellie Mae Rowe: Ninety-Nine and a Half Won't Do (11/24/99)

Caroline Compton: The River at Vicksburg and Beyond (11/23/99)

Deborah Paswaters: Realm-Millennium (11/19/99)

Belie Emerson Keith at Rockford Art Museum (11/11/99)

Fields of Color: Pastel Landscapes by Jane Lincoln (11/6/99)

Hood Museum of Art Acquires Rare Outdoor Still Life by Maria Oakey Dewing (11/1/99)

Susan Hauptman (11/1/99)

Ruth Weisberg: Canto V: A Whirlwind of Lovers (10/23/99)

Isabel Robinson (1894-1976): Show Me West Texas (10/18/99)

Georgia O'Keeffe: the Poetry of Things (10/16/99)

Elizabeth O'Neill Verner: Charleston Renaissance Artist (10/11/99)

Margaret Lefranc (1907-1998) (10/7/99)

Crossed Purposes: Joyce and Max Kozloff (9/25/99)

Upon a Lilac Sea: Paintings by Catherine McCarthy (9/22/99)

Miriam Schapiro: Works on Paper, A Thirty Year Retrospective (9/11/99)

Barbara Lyman at the Springville Museum of Art (9/11/99)

Fairy Tales: Portrait Paintings by Elena Sisto (9/8/99)

Kristin Capp: Hutterite Photographs (8/21/99)

Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era (8/9/99)

Mary Cassatt at National Gallery of Art (8/6/99)

Grace Albee: An American Printmaker, 1890-1985 (7/30/99)

Mind and Machine: Rhonda Wall, Recent Works (7/28/99)

Cut from the Cloth of Life: The Fabric Collages of Elizabeth B. Noyce (7/26/99)

Carmel Plein Air Festival - Featured Artist: Judy Molyneaux (7/1/99)

Betty Tompkins: Weir Deer (6/23/99)

A Loaded Brush - Nancy Brett: Recent Paintings (6/22/99)

Lorraine S. Capparell: Five Women (6/16/99)

Queen of My Room: A Survey of Work by Julie Speed, 1989-1999 (6/9/99)

Watercolors by Peggy Flora Zalucha and Roberta Barnes Landscapes (6/7/99)

Georgia O'Keeffe: The Poetry of Things (5/30/99)

Painting in a Lonely Arena: Joyce Treiman and the Old Masters (5/11/99)

The Last Country, Photographs from a Community-based Project by Dona Ann McAdams (5/4/99)

Alberta Cifolelli: A Retrospective (5/1/99)

"The Endicott Street Pictures," an Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Stephanie Kay (4/13/99)

Cynthia Carlson Paintings: The Dog Show (3/29/99)

Drawn with Butterfly's Wings: The Art of Lilian Westcott Hale (1880-1963) (3/18/99)

Carol Anthony: A Place of Inner Stillness (3/7/99)

Georgia O'Keeffe: The Poetry of Things (3/6/99)

Mabel Alvarez (1891-1985): A Retrospective (2/23/99)

Dorothea Tanning: Still in the Studio (2/23/99)

Fruits and Flowers: Botanical Paintings by Geraldine King Tam (2/11/99)

Carol Mothner: Monotypes of Birds' Nests and Flowers (1/29/99)

Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era (12/23/98)

Photographic Tableaux: Tina Barney's Family Album (12/19/98)

Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz (12/15/98)

Recent Work: Carrie Mae Weems, 1992-1998 (12/14/98)

Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman (12/7/98)

Parks and Portraits: Dona Nelson, 1983-88 (11/17/98)

Mostly Prague: Photographs by Anna Tomczak (10/28/98)

Face to Face. The Paintings of Mabel Alvarez (10/8/98)

Edgar and Elsie Payne (9/21/98)

Mary Cassatt: Drawings and Prints in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (9/16/98)

Lois Mailou Jones and Her Former Students: An American Legacy (9/15/98)

Figuratively Speaking: Paintings by Katherine Hu Fan (9/15/98)

Making Waves: Sculpture by Sarah Haviland (9/15/98)

Transformation: The Art of Joan Brown (9/1/98)

Georgia O'Keeffe: The Artist's Landscape, Photographs by Todd Webb (8/22/98)

Susan Ricker Knox: Portsmouth and Beyond (7/31/98)

Memory is a Painter: The Art of Grandma Moses (7/17/98)

Julie Inman: Giclee Prints (5/24/98)

Spirits, Wolves, and Metaphors An Exhibition of Paintings by Elisse Pogofsky-Harris (5/4/98)

Painting Along the Seine, by Kay Rebber Foote (10/9/97)

Leonore Rae Smith: American Portraiture (1997)


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