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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:



Directory of Women Artists Active in Arizona Before 1945, directory by Lonnie Pierson Dunbier (February, 2016)

A Timeless Legacy - Women Artists of Glacier National Park (5/30/15)

The Colorful Worlds of Janet Turner and Norma Bassett Hall: Art from the Moffett Collection; essay by Cori Sherman North (5/12/15)

Beautiful Things: Still Life Paintings by American Women 1880-1940 (1/15/14)

Masters of Vermont: Five Women Artists; essay by Mickey Myers (5/30/13)

Arizona's Pioneering Women Artists (2/19/13)

Suspension of Disbelief: The fantasy Worlds of  Helen Greene Blumenschien, Barbara Harmon, Frieda Lawrence, Gisella Leoffler, Ila McAfee and Millicent Rogers (8/20/12)

Women's Work (6/12/12)

Skirting Convention: Illinois Women Artists 1840 to 1940; article by Channy Lyons (4/20/12)

Breaking Down Barriers: 300 Years of Women in Art (11/7/11)

Contemporary Women Artists; essay by Sherry Buckberrough (1/13/11)

Collecting Women Artists and How Women Have Shaped the New Britain Museum of American Art; essay by Douglas K. S. Hyland (1/11/11)

History of Women Artists in the United States: 19th Century to the 1960s; essay by Nancy Noble (1/13/11)

WomenArtists@NewBritainMuseum (1/13/11)

Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands (8/2/10)

Superbly Independent: Early Western Landscapes by Annie Harmon, Mary DeNeale Morgan, and Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel (7/14/10)

Remember the Ladies: Women Artists of the Hudson River School (5/17/10)

Petticoats and Palettes:  Dress and Women Painters of the Hudson River School; essay by Olivia H. Good (5/17/10)



Surviving Hard Times: WPA Artists; essay by Sue Ann Robinson (11/10/09)

The Sellars Collection: Art by American Women; article by Jean Woods (9/28/09)

American Women at Work: Women Printmakers and the Federal Art Project; essay by Mary Francey (7/9/09)

Women Artists in Louisiana, 1825-1965: A Place of Their Own; article by Judith Bonner (6/1/09)

A Parallel Presence: National Association of Women Artists, 1889-2009 (5/6/09)

A Century of Arizona Women Artists; article by Carolyn C. Robbins (2/28/09)

Suffragettes, Free Spirits and Trendsetters: Women Sculptors in America; essay by Robin Salmon (2/25/09)

Early Nebraska Women Artists, 1880-1950; essay by Sharon L.Kennedy (1/16/09)

Indiana Women Artists: Then and Now; essay by Rachel Berenson Perry (7/7/08)

Georgia O'Keeffe and the Women of the Stieglitz Circle (3/6/08)

Women Only! In Their Studios (3/3/08)

Western Women Artists: An Overview; text by Phil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick (9/22/05)

American Women: A Selection from the National Portrait Gallery (1/28/05)



Creating History: Indiana's Historic Women Artists (11/26/04)

Women Artists of Santa Fe; essay by Michael R. Grauer (11/26/04)

Women: A Century of Art featuring Louise Nevelson: Selections from the Farnsworth Art Museum (6/14/04)

A Woman's Touch: Selected Women Artists in California (4/14/04)

Women Portray the West (1890-1940) (3/4/04)

Ten Vermont Women: Sculpture, Painting, Craft (6/25/03)

Almost Forgotten: Delaware Women Artists of the Early 20th Century (4/15/02)

Daring From Within: The Art of American Women from the Sellars Collection (9/17/01)

Women's Work: Early Wisconsin Women Artists (9/26/01)

Daring From Within: The Art of American Women from the Sellars Collection (9/17/01)

A Studio of Her Own: Boston Women Artists, 1870 - 1940 (2/16/01)



A Woman's View: Paintings by Women Artists (12/6/00)

In Celebration: A Century of Arizona Women Artists (12/4/00)

Feminine Visions: Women of the California School 1890-1930s (11/21/00)

Crafting Utopia, The Art of Shaker Women (10/22/00)

Legacy III: Contemporary Women Artists (7/20/00)

Imágenes e Historias/Images and Histories: Chicana Altar-Inspired Art (5/19/00)

Photographs and Prints by Women from the DIA's Collection (7/6/99)

Bearing Witness: Contemporary Works by African American Women Artists (6/8/99)

The Frye Art Museum Celebrates Contemporary and Historical Women Artists (3/17/99)

Bearing Witness: Contemporary Works by African American Women Artists (3/9/99)

Crossing Boundaries: Contemporary Art Quilts (11/6/98)

The Philadelphia Ten: A Women's Artist Group 1917-1945 (5/98)


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