American Art Review month and year: February-March 96

author(s): Harriet G. Warkel

title of American Art Review article: "Shared Heritage: Art by Four African Americans"

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-- assigned to Shana Herb Johannessen on April 30, 2009
-- approved by copyright holder on 6/10/09 via email
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-- published in Resource Library: Image and Identity: The Art of William E. Scott, John W. Hardrick, and Hale A. Woodruff; essay by Harriet G. Warkel (7/27/09)
The Mural Tradition; essay by Edmund Barry Gaither (8/5/09)

On Wednesday, June 10, 2009, at 10:35 AM, Harriet Warkel wrote:

Traditional Fine Arts Organization

The IMA gives permission to TFAO to reproduce the material listed below, including all the essays in A Shared Heritage and the articles cited in American Art Review.  These articles may be reprinted without illustrations.  A short biography is also attached.

Harriet G. Warkel

Short Biography for Harriet G. Warkel

Harriet G. Warkel, Curator of American Art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, earned her master's degree in art history from Indiana University. She has curated numerous exhibitions for the Indianapolis Museum of Art, including Edward Hopper: Paper to Paint and A Shared Heritage: Art by Four African Americans for which she wrote the accompany catalogues. She has also written numerous articles for American Art Review.


From:Shana Johannessen

Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 9:25 PM

To: Harriet Warkel

Subject: Respond to this one: Request to publish your essays in TFAO's Resource Library

Dear Harriet: 

Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering education in American art through advocacy, publications and research. A special TFAO emphasis is building an archive of significant texts, authored by scholars and other informed individuals, beneficial for the study of art history in the United States. 

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You have authored several essays of interest to TFAO for Resource Library

Essays from the catalogue Shared Heritage: Art by Four African Americans

I understand that this catalogue contains several essays by you and by others.  Please specify which essays may be reproduced by TFAO (if all, simply state all).

"John Haberle: Museum Accession" from the Sept/Oct 2003 issue of American Art Review

I understand that American Art Review did not compensate you for this article.

The monograph Paper to Paint: Edward Hopper's Hotel Lobby

Thank you for speaking with me about these essays and clarifying that they are owned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. ... Could you please confirm IMA's permission to reprint ... by emailing your response to, copying me?

I further invite you to send a brief author's biography to accompany these texts. The catalogue and monograph can be mailed to me at:....



From: John Hazeltine <in.

Date: Tue Jun 9, 2009 4:21:08 PM US/Pacific

To: Shana Johannessen <sj..

Subject: Harriet Warkel

Hi Shana,

We have enough on Wishard Hospital Murals at <> so we'll skip the AAR article.

The following essay is welcome:

Paper to Paint: Edward Hopper's Hotel Lobby

By Harriet G Warkel

Edition: illustrated

Published by Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2008

ISBN 093626084X, 9780936260846

60 pages





From: Shana Johannessen <sj

Date: Tue Jun 9, 2009 1:02:52 PM US/Pacific

To: John Hazeltine <in

Subject: Harriet Warkel


...1.  Shared Heritage (AAR Feb/Mar 1996) was derived from a catalogue with several essays owned by Indianapolis. ...can get permission from them to publish all.  It sounds as though all are appropriate, but will be easier to assess after she mails me the catalogue. 

2.  John Haberle (Sept/Oct 2003) is available ...

3.  Harriet also just published in AAR Feb 2009 an article on the Wishard Hospital murals.  Interested?  ...

4.  Harriet also offered...



A special TFAO emphasis is building an archive of material, authored by scholars and other informed individuals, beneficial for the study of art history in the United States. As a public service, without charge to readers, TFAO annually publishes a number of scholarly texts relating to American representational art in its publication Resource Library.

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