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TFAO suggests these online audio shows:

National Public Radio provides archives of its radio program series. In the Programs Archive page, listeners can click on Archives and search using the keywords."visual arts" to retrieve art-related shows. An example is Black Religious Art from All Things Considered, April 13, 2001. On this Good Friday, Commentator Robert Franklin remarks on the growing role of art in African-American churches. Accessed July, 2015.

Artist Romare Bearden drew on his interests in religious ritual and classic literature to create beyond what the camera could capture in his depictions of urban African-American life in the 20th century. Jeffrey Brown reviews the artistic achievements of Bearden, which are celebrated in an exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. This 8-minute audio clip is from a 1988 NewsHour with Jim Lehrer segment. Another 10-minute NewsHour segment includes a 1986 Charlayne Hunter-Gault interview with Romare Bearden. Accessed July, 2015.

The National Gallery of Art website contains an "Audio and Video" section including audio files concerning exhibitions and audio podcasts from an iTunes feed concerning American Art. There are several titles relating to African American Art. Following are number references from a list of 300 podcasts archived from November, 2011 to June, 2015: 102 [51 minutes], 111 [51 minutes], 113 [51 minutes], 153 [1 hour 12 minutes], 188 [44 minutes], 208 [1 hour 3 minutes], 270 [1 hour 13 minutes], 276 [1 hour 7 minutes], 277 [56 minutes], 278 [59 minutes], 281 [54 minutes], 283 [1 hour 3 minutes], 284 [1 hour 9 minutes], 285 [1 hour], 286 [59 minutes] Accessed July, 2015.

Note: As of a TFAO July, 2015 audit, the following audio titles could no longer be found from  NGA's Collecting of African American Art lecture series: "A Historical Overview," with Jacqueline Francis, independent scholar, 59 minutes, February 8, 2009; "A Peculiar Destiny: The Mission of the Paul R. Jones Collection," with Amalia K. Amaki, professor of art history, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, and Paul R. Jones, collector, 84 minutes, February 24, 2008, "Reflections on Collecting," with Andrea Barnwell Brownlee, director of Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, and Dr. Walter O. Evans, collector, 83 minutes, February 17, 2008. [References to the titles are retained for researchers.]


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