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TFAO welcomes submissions, for online publication in Resource Library, biographies of deceased American artisans, illustrators, muralists, plein air and studio painters, photographers, printmakers and sculptors whose works have been exhibited in American art museums. Artisans include persons engaged in ceramics, glass, jewels, metal, mosaic, paper, pottery, stone, textile art and woodworking.

Please read Submitting texts, Submitting images and Scholarly text from private sources before submitting texts and images; all requirements apply to biographies. Each biography must contain at least 650 words. Names and dates of museum exhibitions in which the artist's works were shown do not count towards the 650 minimum word count, however a complete listing of them is required as part of the submission.

Names and address of the copyright owners of texts must accompany each biography so that owners may be reached directly by readers. Please state the copyright holder's name and address for publication with the biography. The published address may be an email address or a postal address.

So that readers may become acquainted with the author of the biography, TFAO welcomes a brief biography of the author to accompany the artist biography. Published authors are named and their biographies provided whenever possible so that readers may gauge the quality of the texts.

Only owners who hold the sole copyright to biographies may submit texts to TFAO. Please accompany each biography submission with a statement by the copyright owner authorizing TFAO to publish it online.

Please send the biography, owner name and address, and authorization to publish by email either utilizing a Word [.doc] attachment or by use of the "copy and paste" method in the e-mail message to:

Upon receipt of each artist biography, TFAO judges its value for publication in TFAO's Resource Library. Where appropriate, links to published biographies are placed in America's Distinguished Artists,


Benefits to public and owner

TFAO, as a non-profit charitable organization, provides a channel for free public online access on a perpetual basis yet allows copyright holders undiminished rights to realize the economic value of their intellectual property during the period of copyright protection and beyond. For more information on benefits to the public and copyright holders please click here.


Protection of copyright

Approval is given by the owner of a text for one-time republishing -- with no dilution of the owner's copyright.


Biography examples

Here are a few examples taken from the thousands of biographies published in Resource Library:
Albert Bierstadt
Karl Bodmer
Augustus W. Dunbier (images were included because photos of the paintings shown and the paintings themselves were owned by the authors at time of publication)
Sam Hyde Harris
Martin Johnson Heade
Albert Henry Krehbiel
John Marin
William Aiken Walker


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