American Printmakers and the Federal Art Project



Prints in the Collection


Lou Barlow (1908-)
Tenant Farmers, 1936
Wood Engraving
7 1/8# x 10 7/8"
Stamped: New York City WPA Art Project
Born in New York City, Lou Barlow graduated from the National Academy of Design in 1930. He worked for the Public Works of Art Project until it was liquidated in 1934, after which he was employed by the Federal Art Project from 1935 until 1941 when he began work as a medical illustrator for the United States Army during the Second World War. After discharge from the army, Barlow began a civilian career as a medical illustrator and, in addition, designed and created prosthetics. Originally Louis Breslow, he changed his name to Lou Barlow in 1951. Since retirement he has resumed printmaking and, in 1994, was named National Academician in recognition of his long and distinguished professional career.
Thomas Hart Benton ( 1880-1975)
Cradling Wheat,1939
Lithograph, ed. 250
Associated American Artists
Many of Thomas Hart Benton's prints were re-statements of themes first explored in his paintings. Cradling Wheat is after a painting, done in 1938, with the same title, and which is in the City Art Museum of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. The subject is a scene in rural East Tennessee that Benton observed in 1928.
Because Benton had no need to apply for relief he was never officially a Project artist although he collaborated with many who were, and taught at the Art Students League from 1926 to 1935 where Jackson Pollock was one of his students.
Henry Billings (1901-1985)
Men and Machines, 1931
Four more lithographs by Billings are included in the collection.
Although each represents a different subject, they share the title Men and Machines, and all were printed in 1931.
John Steuart Curry (1897-1946)
Prize Stallions, 1938
Edition 250
Associated American Artists
Isac Friedlander (1890-1968)
Warming Up, 1935
Leon Gilmour (1907-1996)
Cement Finishers, 1939
Wood Engraving
Harry Gottlieb (1895-1992)
Going to Work, 1941
WPA Serigraph
Change of Shift, 1940
WPA Serigraph
Irwin Hoffman (1901-1989)
Cigarette Underground, 1938
Joe Jones (1909-1963)
Untitled (Harvest Workers), 1940
Chet La More (1908-)
Untitled (Auto Workers), 1937
Paul Landacre (1893-1963)
Amateurs, 1937
Wood Engraving
Clare Leighton (1901-1989)
Cider Making
Wood Engraving
Cutting, 1931
Wood Engraving
Loading, 1931
Wood Engraving
Sheep Shearing, 1932
Wood Engraving
Apple Picking, 1933
Wood Engraving
Herschel Levit (1912-)
Dam Builders, 1937

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