Women Only! In Their Studios

February 16 - March 30, 2008



(above: MIRIAM SCHAPIRO, The Garden, 1990, acrylic and fabric on canvas. Courtesy of Miriam Schapiro)


(above: LAURIE SIMMONS, Talking Glove, 1988, cibachrome print edition 2/5. Courtesy of Laurie Simmons and Sperone West Water Gallery)


(above: JAUNE QUICK-TO-SEE SMITH, Fear, 2004, mixed media on canvas. Courtesy of Jaune Quick-To-See Smith and Flomenhaft Gallery)


(above: FLO OY WONG, My Mother's Baggage: Lucky Daughter, 1996, mixed media, photos, suitcase, sequins. Courtesy of Flo Oy Wong)



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