Traditional Fine Arts Organization

Research Projects, Reports and Studies


Non-profit Art Venues' Online Exhibits Research and Advocacy Project ED, EX

Author Study and Index EX, RL, PR, RE, SL, MC


Content Enrichment Project RL


Digital Libraries and Initiatives


Founding an Art Museum MC, PH


Institution Outreach Project ED, EX, RL


Lending Art to Museums for Special Exhibitions ED, EX, DE, MC


Museums Explained ED, DO, CM, MV, RL, DE, ST, MC, PH


Online Educational Programming for Museums and Art Centers ED


Planning, Organizing and Touring Art Exhibitions EX, MC


Resources for Collectors, Life Long Learners, Students and Teachers of Art History


Special Projects for Content Development ED


Survey of Online Exhibition Catalogues, Brochures, Gallery Guides and Related Materials ED

The above Research Reports, Projects and Studies were developed by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO). They are listed in alphabetical order. Some of the materials are of special interest to certain classes of organizations and individuals. General classes have color codes. Departments or individuals within those general classes are noted by color-coded symbols.
General classes are:
Non-profit art museums, galleries and art centers
American art history departments of colleges and universities
Historical societies
General public

Also see TFAO's Catalogues including:

Topics in American Art, covering over 200 topics in American representational art
America's Distinguished Artists, containing thousands of biographies of historic artists
Videos Online, with links to videos streamed free to viewers
Videos in DVD and VHS format
Online Exhibition Brochures, Catalogues, Gallery Guides and Related Materials
Art History of Each State within the United States
Geographic Tour of American Representational Art History, a survey of articles and essays that describe the evolution of American art from the inception of the United States to WWII
Audio Online, with links to streaming audio recordings
Books, a sampler of general reference books published on paper
Magazines, a comprehensive list of paper-published magazines and journals
Illustrated Audio Online, featuring links to streaming narrated slide shows
Collections of Historic American Art, featuring notable private collections
Articles and Essays Online, including links to substantive texts published outside of Resource Library
Interactive Media, containing links to media in CD-ROM format


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