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Looking for Pauline Cilmi Speers: Can anyone help?

Pauline is a brilliant artist, I worked with her in Orlando, FL many years ago and lost touch when she moved away. If any of you know her, can you forward this note?

I can be contacted through LinkedIn: <>

(I found Pauline Cilmi Speers in the 2nd paragraph on this page of the TFAO website <> but she isn't listed in the TFAO artists list. Googling her name only yields "The Curry Book" by Nancie McDermott which she illustrated.)


-- Ani

Ani Holdsworth Design




I am inquiring about a tin painting I found in my basement.  I have owned the house for over 50 years and the house was built in 1925.  The tin painting was found behind  a couple large windows and they were behind  a stone wall.  We had never seen it before and don't know how it got there. 

The painting is tin and it has Jesus on the cross and on the right side of the painting there is a soldier with a sward in his hand pointing  upright towards Jesus.  Next to the Soldier there is a woman on her knees with her hands in a praying position straight out at Jesus.  On the right side of Jesus is a woman with a scarf on her head and she is holding the ends in her hands up against her face and she is weeping and then there is Mary with a halo over her head.  Beside Mary is probably Joseph with a halo over his head and he is praying with Mary.  Joseph is wearing a brown robe..  The tin painting appears to be an oil painting. 

  On the bottom right there is a signature C. Des  Tufo  and on the bottom left there is a  an emblem of two Keys in a X position and on the bottom of the X in the middle is a G. R. and on the top of the key X in the middle is a crown and it's plain and not fancy and it has a cross on top of it. 

We found it in our basement when we were cleaning as our basement gets wet every year.  The tin picture is in a frame and had cardboard across the back, which my son took off to see if anything was in the back, we kept the cardboard.  The frame is brown and has a quarter of an inch of gold paint in the inner of the frame.  the bottom of the frame  is pretty well destroyed from the water all these years, it got rot spots all on the bottom, but worse on the left side.  The tin painting itself has a lot of rust spots on it , mostly one third down, but you can see the picture ok. 

Can you tell me anything about this picture and about how old it is  and is it worth anything at all??  If you don't know, maybe you know of someone who dose know about this painting and you can give us there email or you could give him my letter to you along with the pictures I am sending along with this email.  I would appreciate it very much if you could find out something about this painting.   Thank you so much for  your time in my concerns of this painting.  Thank you again.  The signature  on the tin painting is above, I couldn't move it where I wanted to, sorry about that. 

Yours truly
Sandra Carlo
95 Sailly Avenue
Plattsburgh, New York 12901-1726



Hi; My name is Ann Taylor, I wonder if you could send me some info on, 1966 print # 4829 framed by Donald Art Company Inc. NY. the print is of pear, cherries, bottle, yellow flowers, sprigs with red barries etc. there are also two other framed  prints from the same series.............1-519-653-9655 Thanking you in advance for any info. you can give me.



I bought at an estate auction two small bronze sculptures on green marble bases.  Height is approximately 5 inches.  On the base of the bronze it has Remington and on one of the other sides it has Tiffany.  They are both of western cowboys:  one riding a wild bronco like you see in a rodeo show and the other is of a cowboy on a horse going fast and the man has a stick/whip in his right hand raised in the air.  (I do not know if its a stick or was a whip that was broken).
In 2006, Antiques Roadshow came to Hawaii and the appraisor told me that this work was done by Tiffany.
Could you tell me about when this was made and if it is authentic and whatever else information you can provide as to how this sculpture has two names?  I would appreciate very much.
My email is
Thank you for your time.  Kind Regards, velma

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