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"essay publishing request: private source"


Subject: essay publishing request: private source
Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering education in American art through grants, online publication and research. A special TFAO emphasis is building an archive of material, authored by scholars and other informed individuals, beneficial for the study of art history in the United States.
As a public service, without charge to readers, TFAO annually publishes a number of scholarly articles and essays relating to American representational art in its publication Resource Library. For Resource Library's home page please see <>. Details about this service are at "Scholarly Text from Private Sources" at <>. The home page for TFAO is located at <>.
TFAO will be pleased to publish the essay from the catalogue ___________________ online (without illustrations) in Resource Library. If agreeable, could you please send the essay as a .doc file or as clear text in a reply email also noting copyright owner's permission? We further invite you to send an author biography to accompany the essay.

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