TFAO financial assistance: post-inquiry information


After TFAO has received and approved a letter of inquiry, TFAO may ask to review and approve all or part of the following information. TFAO requests that all information be sent by email.


Project narrative

a narrative of no more than five pages including the following information:

-- findings of self-assessment

-- description of the project and how it relates to organization's goals and objectives

-- targeted audience(s)

-- timetable and work plan for implementation (with beginning and ending dates of project) including two to five project milestones

-- criteria for success and plans for evaluating the project at completion

-- itemized project budget including:

total project cost including direct and indirect expenses broken down into relevant categories including an allocation of general overhead expenses;
amount of funds requested from TFAO and their proposed use;
other related funding or sponsorship previously awarded or pending;
any projected revenue.

-- agreement to send to TFAO, for review and potential publication, information on the project process and realized benefits that may be helpful to planning on the part of other museums.


General information

-- Internal Revenue Service Form 990 plus attachments for the most recently completed fiscal year. If audited statements for the most recently completed fiscal year are not yet available, include the unaudited statements in addition to the financial statements from the organization's latest audit. (a .pdf file is acceptable)

-- self-addressed letter envelope with one ounce first class postage

-- names and qualifications of people and outside vendors involved in the project. Please indicate whether new positions will be required.

-- note of project support from head of institution

-- latest annual report if available (a .pdf file is acceptable



Institutions organized outside of the United States are not eligible for assistance.

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