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About the project

A special TFAO emphasis is building an archive of material, authored by scholars and other informed individuals, beneficial for the study of art history in the United States. As a public service, without charge to readers, TFAO annually publishes a number of scholarly texts relating to American representational art in its publication Resource Library.

Resource Library's chronological index lists thousands of articles and essays published since 1997 for the public's benefit. TFAO has identified many more texts as candidates for online publishing. Long term goals of TFAO are to encourage owners of catalogue texts to provide free public access to them on their web sites and for TFAO to provide access on its web site to texts from rare catalogues and others not easily available elsewhere.

Since 2004 TFAO has studied issues of American Art Review to find articles from that magazine and related catalogue essays of benefit to the public. TFAO contractors locate copyright owners of American Art Review articles, or catalogue essays from which those articles were derived, and secure permission to reprint the texts, usually without illustrations. The paper-printed texts are then converted to digital files and published in Resource Library.

American Art Review Volumes V through X comprised the initial study period, conducted from 2004 through 2009. The second study period, initiated in 2009, covers Volumes XI through XVI.



For examples see TFAO's Author Study and Index to locate author names connected to American Art Review articles, catalogue essays and subsequent TFAO reprintings.


TFAO director's role

The director:

-- creates an "American Art Review study online worksheet" page for each article under study (see a sample form for a page placed on the TFAO website) to record status of an assignment This worksheet contains key information about the approval status and processing for a text including copies of certain related emails. TFAO cleanses non-public address information about correspondents from these emails.
-- reviews the American Art Review article to confirm that the subject matter is American representational art
-- searches the TFAO website with keywords relevant to the American Art Review article to determine the level of (1) published Resource Library scholarship, (2) TFAO-referenced external links in TFAO's Distinguished Artists and Articles and Essays Online catalogues to determine the relevance rating for the recovery matrix score
-- also conducts a Google Books and Google advanced search as needed with keywords relevant to the American Art Review article to discover and review external links that are not yet TFAO-referenced external links in TFAO's catalogues to further determine the relevance rating for the recovery matrix score
-- studies (1) the author's history of publication in Resource Library, (2) the biographical information of the author(s) of the American Art Review article and (3) the employer of the author to determine the probability rating for the recovery matrix score
-- combining the relevance and probability ratings, assigns a recovery matrix composite score for the underlying essay or an article and place the score on the study project note for the text
-- creates a separate link on the appropriate Author Study and Index page to each study project note; the link is placed immediately after the listing of the American Art Review article being studied
-- copies the title of the article from the "American Art Review study online worksheet" page onto the appropriate Author Study and Index page


-- contracts with an independent party to complete a process leading to pre-printing final check
-- checks the contractor's presentation package for quality and completeness
-- publishes the text in Resource Library
-- approves payment for completed work


About American Art Review

American Art Review, ISSN 0092-1327, is published on paper and noted for its scholarly content by both senior authors and younger scholars. Tel 913.451.8801. The time period focus of American Art Review is from the Colonial era through 1970. The first issue of Volume 1 of the magazine was published in September, 1973. Publication was suspended with Volume 4 in November, 1978. Publication resumed with Volume V in the Summer of 1992 and continues to the present. In the 19th century there was a journal with a similar title, The American Art Review: A Journal Devoted to The Practice, Theory, History and Archaeology of Art edited by S.R. Koehler.

American Art Review provides a useful yardstick to measure annual scholarly output relating to museum exhibitions and other happenings concerning American art. Texts relate for the most part to contemporaneous museum exhibitions. The publication does not attempt, however, to cover all exhibits during a year. Since American Art Review editors are distinguished in the field of art history, the exhibits and contributing authors vetted by them for inclusion in the publication are of significance.

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