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Nan Goldin: In My Life is a 28-minute video featuring Goldin's celebrated 1996 retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, which was culled from a period that spanned more than 25 years of taking pictures of her friends, lovers and fascinating life. (video description courtesy of International Center of Photography)

Native American Art: Art of Three Native Americans. 27 minutes. Available through Currier Museum of Art

Nevelson in Process. (Portrait of an Artist; 3) Louise Nevelson is seen creating two pieces of sculptures she discusses her feelings for her art and the creative process. c1977. 30 min. Video/C 1099. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

New World Visions: American Art and the Metropolitan Museum. A two-part 1984 series, 58 minutes each, interweaves painting, sculpture, decorative arts and architecture in an exploration of uniquely American art forms. Using the collections of the Museum as a starting point, the programs were shot on location in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and New England. Part 1 covers the years 1650-1820 and Part 2 covers the years 1820-1914. Part I begins in the 17th-century Hart Room of The Metropolitan Museum's American Wing, continues through Colonial times, and ends with the emergence of the Hudson River School around 1820. Part II explores 19th-century landscape and portrait painting in depth, and takes viewers to the Frank Lloyd Wright room at The Metropolitan Museum." A co-production of WNET and the BBC.

Norman Rockwell: An American Portrait is a 60 minute 2002 video from V.I.E.W. Video is a PBS special, narrated by 3-time Emmy Award nominee Mason Adams. Norman Rockwell had a love affair with America. His poignant paintings captured the truths of daily life with a simple humane grace and greeted Americans from the cover of The Saturday Evening Post for over five decades. This documentary celebrates Rockwell's life and art, with interviews and commentary by art historians, close friends and the artist himself. "This notable documentary shows Rockwell was a perceptive social commentator of exceptional artistic skill and narrative power" (Entertainment Weekly). DVD: Bonus features include a Norman Rockwell biography, an art gallery and more.

Norman Rockwell. "Norman Rockwell's distinctive illustrations, glowing with the simple, noble character of average citizens, crystallized an image of 20th century American life." This 50 minute 1994 A&E Biography video "provides an intimate portrait of the artist and the man with interviews of friends and people he used as models and takes us on a tour of the Norman Rockwell Museum and his best-known images."

Norman Rockwell: Painting America is an 86 minute 1999 American Masters Production from Winstar Home Entertainment.based on the award-winning PBS series. Norman Rockwell: Painting in America looks at the life and art of one of America's most celebrated illustrators. Best known for his memorable covers of The Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell achieved unprecedented fame for masterfully showing warmth and humor in his renderings of everyday life. This program includes interviews with artists, critics, historians, friends and admirers, as well as archival newsreel and television footage of the artist himself. VHS/DVD. Click here to view an extended clip of the video.

Norman Rockwell's World: An American Dream is a 24 minute 1972 video directed by Robert Deubel that presents the world of American illustrator Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) through reenactment, stills, paintings, and old film footage. Rockwell himself narrates this Academy Award®-winning film. Using the artwork and the commentary of Rockwell himself in combination with old film footage and staged reenactments, the Saturday Evening Post covers once again come alive.

Not Made in Heaven is a documentary by University of Minnesota, Deluth faculty Sarah Bauer and Jen Deitrich feature about the most influential painter of the twentieth century that you have never heard of. Not Made in Heaven explores the myth of the artist through the cool, provocative, controlled, and quietly influential world of painter Philip Pearlstein. In the early 1960s, after serving in the U.S. army and returning to college to study art under the GI Bill, a young painter went against the grain, broke with Abstract Expressionism, and began a 40 year project-that continues to this day-examining the naked human figure in large scale paintings that "tell it like it is." Pearlstein's move, away from the pack was dryly announced with his 1962 article in ArtNews: "Figure Paintings Today are Not Made in Heaven." Commentary by Sister Wendy. Directed by Sarah Bauer and Jen Dietrich. Produced by Sarah Bauer, Jen Dietrich and Althea Wasow (text courtesy of YouTube) View trailer Part 1 [07:15]. Part 2 [04:21]

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