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Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz (13-minute DVD or CD) is a documentary film that includes the interview with Esther Nisenthal Available through Art & Remembrance, which says: "In 1998, acclaimed filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan spent three days interviewing Esther Nisenthal Krinitz and family, with her art work as a focal point. In this beautiful 13-minute documentary film, Kasdan has distilled Esther's story and art into into a poignant memory of survival."

Face of Lincoln (1955) ca. 20 minutes. Produced by Wilbur T. Blume. USC art professor Merrell Gage sculpts Lincoln's head while lecturing about the great man. Starting with an egg shaped mass of clay, Mr. Gage helps you see the face of Lincoln change with the years. (text courtesy of FADA Los Angeles Art Show)

Faith Ringgold Paints Crown Heights. African-American artist FaIth Ringgold illustrates the folk tales of 12 distinct cultures who call Crown Heights home. This Inspirational 28 minute documentary shows how diverse cultures have contributed to the American spirit, using Ringgold's beautiful paintings. Through folktales and painting this documentary shows how these diverse cultures have contributed to the American spirit. "Culture is forever", declares Robert Farris Thompson, (Professor of History of Art and African-American Art, Yale University) as he provides insightful commentary throughout the video. Both the creative and technical aspects of making the Crown Heights painted quilt are thoroughly presented by the artist as it is being made. Ringgold describes in detail her process of preparing and quilting the canvas, using an under-painting establishing a color palette, and addingglazes of color. On being a visual artist, Ringgold speaks to the budding artist, "It's creative, it's imaginative, and it's hard work. Painting is hard work." Ringgold also comments on the cultural heritage addressed in this piece. She emphasizes that the differences in people are wonderful. Everyone's culture works for them. If it works for them, some part of it may work for you", says Ringgold. "The message of this quilt is that we are all chosen", concludes Robert Farris Thompson. 28 minute L&S Vudeo

Faith Ringgold: The Last Story Quilt. From the day she learned to draw, Faith Ringgold has worked steadily to master her craft and communicate her vision: to present a realistic view of the black female in society. This 28 minute L&S video is an insider's look at how one woman has fumlled her dream of becoming an artist. Cine Gold Eagle Award. "Interviews American painter, sculptor, and quiltmaker Faith Ringgold (b.1934) about her career as an African-American woman artist. She acknowledges the strong influence of her mother, a fashion designer and dressmaker, and describes her breakthrough technique of painting on cloth, which allowed her work to be rolled up and shipped inexpensively. Looks at the combined influence on her work of European painters and African traditions, particularly the patterns and repetition of African design." ISBN 1-882660-00-5 [1] Faith Ringgold: The Last Story Quilt is a video available through the Sullivan Video Library at The Speed Art Museum which holds a sizable collection of art-related videos available to educators at no charge.

Farnsworth Art Museum, produced by Maine PBS, is part of the Maine PBS series "Maine PBS Presents the Maine Art Museum Trail," and features the Farnsworth Art Museum, located in the picturesque seaside town of Rockland. The museum's nationally recognized permanent collection of American art is highlighted as well as its Wyeth Center and two historic sites.

Figurative Sculpture, (c) 2008, running time: 28 minutes. Program 28 from Art/New York, which says of this video: "This program features the work of GEORGE SEGAL, JOHN AHEARN and RIGOBERTO TORRES, three artists who cast their sculptures from live models. Their work is seen at the the Sidney Janis and Brooke Alexander Galleries and at the P.S.1 Museum in Long Island City. Also included are interviews with GEORGE SEGAL, JOHN AHEARN, RIGOBERTO TORRES and art dealer BROOKE ALEXANDER."

Fine Art of Life, The. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has produced a 30-minute video on its collection, narrated by Daphne Maxwell Reid. Featured in the video, shown on WCVE, are an image by Romare Bearden that recalls his childhood in rural North Carolina, George Catlin's image of Native American culture, a silver teapot by Paul Revere, and objects by Mary Cassatt, among others.

Forever in Time: The Photography of Edward S. Curtis: 50 minutes,1989. "For 30 years, Edward S. Curtis pursued his vision to document the vanishing culture of native Americans at the cost of family, finances, and health. His legacy of film footage and photographs lives on in this video of his life and work. Included are clips from Curtis's film, In the Land of the Head Hunters, the first full-length motion picture on native American culture. His North American Indian Portfolio completes this look at a lifestyle Curtis sought to immortalize."

Four Hands One Heart: Ed and Mary Scheier is a 46-minute documentary about these ceramicists shown on PBS since 2001. Available through Ken Browne Productions. For online introductory videos, images and project information see <>. Accessed April, 2015.

Four Stones for Kanemitsu (1973) 28 minutes. Produced by June Wayne, Terry Sanders. Produced at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop, the film shows the collaboration between artist Matsumi Kanemitsu and master printer Serge Lozingot as they create a four-color lithograph. (text courtesy of FADA Los Angeles Art Show)

Frank Benson: The Etcher's Art, 23 minutes. Available through Currier Museum of Art.

Frank Stella at the Fogg: 22 minutes1985. "As American artist Frank Stella walks through a retrospective exhibition of his work, he comments on his work and describes his technique, including the sculpture-like constructions that have occupied him in recent years. Stella's incisive self-criticism and vibrant delivery make this film a revealing portrait of a leading American artist. Filmed at the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University."

Frederic Remington: The Truth of Other Days is a 58 minute American Masters series 1991 video filmed in high definition and directed by Thomas L. Neff and produced by Home Vision Entertainment. Near the turn of the century, Frederic Remington popularized the myths, legends and images of the Old West. This program traces the career of the brilliant painter, sculptor and author. Hundreds of original artworks are showcased while narration by Gregory Peck, interviews, location footage, archival footage and period photographs create an illuminating frame around the works of one of America's finest artists. The program also explores Remington's direct influence on filmmakers such as John Ford and his continuing influence on today's popular culture. Frederic Remington: The Truth of Other Days is available through the Sullivan Video Library at The Speed Art Museum which holds a sizable collection of art-related videos available to educators at no charge.

Fritz Scholder: American Portrait is a 30-minue video in which American abstract impressionist, Fritz Scholder describes his lifelong endeavor to "put a sense of order to the canvas." Though he grew up denying his Native American heritage, he was eventually drawn to the Indian identity and emerged a leader in American Indian Art. (quote courtesy Plains Art Msueum)

Fritz Scholder: Painting the Paradox. Explore with the artist Fritz Scholder, his world, his works and his thoughts. In the 1960's he became "the leader of a new Indian Art Movement." Travels to Cairo, Paris, New York and Sante Fe provide the background of his philosophy of living, painting and sculpting. 47 minutes. (quote courtesy Plains Art Msueum)

Frontier Visionary: George Catlin and the Plains Indians is a 26 minute video produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Northern Light Productions in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. Experience Catlin's epic journey up the Missouri River, following parts of the Lewis and Clark Trail; hear about his frontier adventures as told by Catlin himself; and learn about this incredible encounter of two cultures through the voices of Native Americans today.


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